Day off #6 (Chatsworth House).


To see all of our photos click here. We got some really good ones!

Yesterday we went to Chatsworth House to visit the gardens and then the house. We wanted to visit on our week off anyway, but when we heard about the sculpture exhibition we couldn't wait! I didn't really know what to expect but we were both stunned at the size of the gardens and how completely beautiful they are, and we would definitely recommend a visit if you haven't been before. We can't wait to go back!

My tips would be as follows:

- try and catch the sculpture exhibit before it finishes on 30 October 2011.

- take a picnic and find a pretty spot to have your lunch. The cafe and restaurant prices are extortionate (£5.50 for a plain sandwich anyone?!)

- use the map they give you at the pay station and make sure you see everything, but don't be scared to wander up and down the pathways to see what you can find. We found an amazing lake which wasn't printed on the map and it was utterly beautiful and peaceful.

- if you don't want to pay to visit the house and the garden and you just pick one, pick the gardens! The house was impressive but the gardens are so much better (in our opinion).

We easily spent about 3 hours here and soaked up every bit of the gardens that we could. We also made sure we saw every sculpture which was tricky as they are spread out and some were not so easy to find, but it was well worth it. I particularly liked the lion and the giant feet!

We got a few photos inside the house which was very grand and impressive, with plenty of old and new artwork and furniture to nosy at.

Just click on the link at the start of the blog post to see the full set of photos. I hope you've enjoyed a sneak peek into day off number 6! Not many days left now unfortunately :(


  1. You look lovely!! That jumper is so cute! Where did you get it? :)
    x x x

  2. Gorgeous photographs, when I went years ago with the parents we ran out of time after going around the house so we didn't really get to see much of the gardens. I can't remember much of the house apart from all the marble statues but I loved seeing that amazing water feature.

  3. I love going to Chatsworth! We go each year for either the sculpture exhibition, Christmas Decorations in the house or the Christmas market. Should be going in November this year with all my family. We used to go to the play area when we were younger as well :) xx

  4. Chatsworth house is 5mins from where I live (I commented on your Bakewell post the other day aswell haha) It is stunning but I have never actually been inside "/ They filmed Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly) there a few years ago :) xxx

  5. Wow the sculptures look amazing! I really love your jumper too, it looks great on you :) xoxo

  6. I've lived in Sheffield for 8 years now and STILL haven't been to Chatsworth! :(

    It looks lovely! Fab pics :)

    Think I'll maybe get over there for the Xmas markets this year hopefully!

    Clare x

  7. I love Chatsworth, haven't been for years but was such a pretty place! What are they doing to it, I see scaffolding?

    Katie xo -

  8. @katie - restoration works. We were a bit annoyed we couldn't get a proper piccy of it due to the scaffolding but hey ho, it's gotta be done I spose! :) x

  9. These photos are just lovely. I've never been here but it seems like somewhere I should put on my 'to go to' list. You both look like you had a great time :) xx

  10. Oh this place looks beautiful. I love the last photo of you and that jumper is such a fab autumnal colour x

  11. wow this place is pretty. I found the cardboard deer on a UK website. Not as expensive as I expected :) -

    Sorry about the long link :) xx

  12. This looks so fun! I love the giant feet. Xx

  13. It looks like a very beautiful place to visit. Love all the photos you got some great ones.

    X x

  14. I'd love to go Chatsworth! What a shame they are working on the front of it :( I'd be quite annoyed if I'd made a long journey especially!