Wedding plans, Jillian Michaels, & my new jewellery store!


Happy weekend everyone! This week I have been:

* discussing wedding plans with my Sister. She has set a date for her wedding next April (in Vegas!!) and we have been looking at dresses and hair/makeup ideas. I'm on the hunt for a floor length dress, preferably not strapless, that will make me look a-ma-zing!

* making jewellery. I have set up a bigcartel job which you can find here but I have only added a couple of things so far. More will be added over the next few weeks though. The peace friendship bracelets are simple but look amazing when stacked up with other friendship bracelets. I've been wearing a black one on my wrist permanently for the past week and it is still going strong. They are designed to be tied on and then the loose bits can be cut off.

Prices will be very reasonable as will the P&P. The images can be enlarged for a closer look. I am also going to make bracelets like these but with different charms and necklaces too.

* exercising like a mad woman! I set myself a challenge to do a full length Jillian Michaels dvd every evening after work last week and I managed it. The results in just a week are really noticeable so I'm aiming to do the same again next week.

* sorting through our photos from our trip away (we went to Bath and Cornwall last weekend). We took so many photos that it is hard to select ones to share with you. What I will do at some point is upload them on to my Facebook page for you to have a nosy at, but do keep your eyes peeled for my blog posts coming soon! We had a brilliant time and managed to pack lots in to our Friday - Monday trip.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Your braclets look cute, they remind me a lot of Dogeared, but at a much more affordable price! :)

  2. These look lovely, I'll be keeping an eye on your shop!


  3. You have given me the inspiration to do the same with exercise ! I wont be at the gym for my last month in Manchester which I am already missing so I must replace it !

  4. Cute jewellery. My daughter makes stuff for us all the time.

    X x

  5. ive been doing the jillian michaels work out too! im on to day 19, the first few days of each level definitly seems to be the worst!
    good luck with keeping up with it! x