Giorgio Armani Code Sport.


Little bit of a different post today! Jonathan has been testing out Georgio Armani Code Sport, a male fragrance described as a "woody, aromatic, citrus fragrance. Intriguing, mysterious and desirable", which was sent to him to review. I thought this review could come in handy if you're looking for a new aftershave for the trouser-shape in your life.

Jonathan's usual fragrances are Emporio Armani Diamonds or Diesel Only The Brave for daytime, and Chanel Allure Sport for special occasions (just to give you an idea of the kind of thing he likes).

He absolutely loves Georgio Armani Code Sport and it is up there with his favourites now. I'd say it was more of an evening scent as it's quite musky, but it certainly smells amazing and it's quite a unique smell.

Think your fella might like this? Visit to request a free sample.

Georgio Armani has collaborated with artist Philippe Franq. The campaign tells a story of the power of a man's body, magnetic as it moves under the surface of the luminous swimming pool. A woman waiting for a man. The scented night of Los Angeles is a spell that inevitably draws them together. There is no escape. Seduction is a danger that is worth it.

Armani Code Sport retails at £45.00 for a 50ml bottle of eau de toilette (via

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  1. :) So funny! My boyfriend just bought the whole bottle at the airport last week! :) I love this fragrance!