Recent beauty buys.


I am a sucker for Rimmel now that Zooey Deschanel fronts the campaigns and there's less of the over-the-hill Kate Moss. A few weeks ago I picked up the Day 2 Night mascara which had £2 off at the time. I have been pleasantly surprised by this mascara. The 'length' wand on its own gives me the perfect look for work - nicely seperated lashes, a good coat of colour, and no clumps. The volume wand transforms my lashes into a slightly heavier, evening look. (For a much funnier review of this mascara click here. I did chuckle reading this!)

I turned to Simple recently for a new day time moisturiser as I have had numerous skin problems for months upon months, and I am trying to stick to skin-friendly products. This moisturiser is actually pretty good. It sinks in immediately, provides a smooth makeup base, and is non-offensive in smell or feel. Plus it didn't break the bank!

As my Eucerin face wash and toner came to an end last week and I didn't fancy paying almost £10 each to repurchase them (they have been brilliant, but I'm a cheap skate at heart!) I opted for a cheaper alternative in Botanics. I am sure I just imagined it but my skin seemed to look much better after just one day of using this cleansing mousse followed by the rosewater toner.

I much prefer a wash/mousse/foaming cleanser as opposed to a lotion and this one doesn't disappoint. It manages to remove most of my makeup so just a quick swipe of the toner on a cotton wool pad is needed. I'll update on this again in a few weeks time.

My only whinge is that it wasn't on 3 for 2 like it always seems to be, so I couldn't get a third item free!

Not much to say on this one. I have used Double Wear foundation since I started wearing makeup about ten years ago. When my last bottle ran out I tried to find an alternative, and although I found a good Rimmel one I just missed the good coverage and staying power.

A bottle of Double Wear is steep at £26.50 but a bottle easily lasts me 6 months +.

I have also been trying the Double Wear concealer for the first time which is around £18. Again, quite expensive for a concealer but you only need a tiny amount which goes a long way. This is really good at covering my dark circles and I have got no complaints here.

What have you been buying lately?


  1. i've just slapped my last bit of doublewear on my face today! debating buying it again or not, think i should probs work through my mountain of others before i make an executive decision though ha! just reread my post on that mascara, hahah didn't realise how helpful i was.. not! xx

  2. Totally agree with the Double Wear foundation, easily the best foundation I've ever tried! I can't believe you've been using it for 10 years, that alone just shows how good it is! :)

  3. I've recently bought the rosewater toner too, really loving it :)

    I've tried the double wear and you're right it lasts for months which is good for your money. It is such a heavy coverage though, I've changed to something slightly lighter recently.

  4. I've been eyeing up the Topshop make-up lately. I haven't brought anything yet (bar a bottle of nail varnish) but i've read wonders about it from blogs.

  5. I got suckered into buying that Day 2 Night mascara, but really wasn't impressed. I don't mind the clumpy look but found this was verging on spiders legs!
    I really want Estee Lauder Double Wear. x

  6. I actually love simple skincare, their products are so light and brilliant for sensitive skin. My friend has problem skin and swears by the body shop seaweed face wash if you ever fancy trying an alternative.

    I've never used Estee Lauder Double Wear but I have heard great things about it, might have to give it a go one day xx

  7. I so want to try Double Wear! I'm so fed up of spending ages creating a flawless base in the morning only to look in the mirror at lunchtime & look like I've not got anything on my face!!!

    Lois xx

  8. I might give those botanics stuff a try, when my clinique cleanser runs out I'll need a new cleanser and probably won't be able to afford clinique again for a while! But that seems like a good alternative.

  9. Whenever I see it I am always tempted to buy the Botanics Rosewater Toner! Could you possibly do a review on that range?


  10. I know that Simple products pride themselves that they don't have the scent, but for me it's a turn-off. I have Simple face mask and I miss nice smell.

  11. @frecklie - of course, in a few weeks time when I've had a good test :) x

  12. I love simple moisturizer xx