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Lily loves Lola in Pure Beauty magazine (& on Facebook too!)


First things first I wanted to tell you folks that I have set up a Facebook page where I will be posting new blog posts, photos, and other bits and bobs. I'd love it if you like my blog if you would like my Facebook page too? Thanks peeps!

I'm really excited to tell you that I am in the latest issue of Pure Beauty magazine. They asked me a little while ago if I would like to be their guest blogger and of course I was flattered and said yes. I must admit I forgot all about it but then up popped a tweet last week from fellow blogger Phoebe saying she had spotted me and off I went to have a read.

It is very exciting seeing my ugly mug in print like this (I'll even forgive them for getting my surname wrong, hehe).

Head on over to the magazine here and look out for me on page 63!

Delly Dumpling on Etsy - handmade phone cases.


My Sister, Adele, has just started out making phone cases but they're not just any old cases. They are extremely girly, and pretty, and packed full of charms and trinkets. Adele is selling her creations via Etsy (here's a link to her store) but she also has a fanpage on Facebook which you can 'like' in order to hear about her new designs first. Please pop on over there, have a browse and see what you think.

At the moment there are designs for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, Blackberry Torch and the HTC Desire but if you have another model of phone, or you can't see your favourite design for your particular phone, you can contact Adele to see if she can take your request. Please bear in mind that designs will vary due to their handmade nature and the style of each phone case. Alternatively you can just purchase one of the ready-made designs currently listed on Etsy to get your mitts on one even quicker!

If you have got any questions you can contact Adele through her Etsy page or ask me and I will pass the message on for you. 

I've got my eye on the J'adore Paris case for my iPhone 4. How about you? Which one takes your fancy?

I dreamed your dream for you, and now your dream is real.


Catch up.


Finding the time to blog recently has been very tricky. If I didn't have my trusty iPhone I would miss out on pretty much everything going on in the bloggy world! Work has been very hectic recently, plus Lily and Lola keep my hands full, and I've been busy enjoying life with Jonathan. Must make more time to sit down with a brew, keep up with my favourite blogs (and find new favourites of course!) and comment.

Lily & far too many legs!

Last weekend was a busy one catching up with family; my own on Sunday and Jonathan's on Saturday. This involved eating copious amounts of food and puddings, including orange and vanilla pannacota hand made by my wonderful Mum. I took a picture and moments later it was gone, not a speck left in sight!
Helping to prepare food for a BBQ - including smoked mackerel pate which is DIVINE!

The weather was a total let down and the fact I had to wear tights in JULY(!) was very upsetting. Fingers crossed for an improvement this weekend (anyone else going to the Tramlines festival this weekend?)

I recently started to read 'the perks of being a wallflower' when it plopped through the door from Amazon and so far it is completely random but a very good read. Anyone else read this one? I have to be honest - I bought it for the cover and nothing else *shallow*.

In other news Jonathan and I viewed a house, fell in love, and want to live there happily ever after. More news on this very soon.

Recent beauty buys.


I am a sucker for Rimmel now that Zooey Deschanel fronts the campaigns and there's less of the over-the-hill Kate Moss. A few weeks ago I picked up the Day 2 Night mascara which had £2 off at the time. I have been pleasantly surprised by this mascara. The 'length' wand on its own gives me the perfect look for work - nicely seperated lashes, a good coat of colour, and no clumps. The volume wand transforms my lashes into a slightly heavier, evening look. (For a much funnier review of this mascara click here. I did chuckle reading this!)

I turned to Simple recently for a new day time moisturiser as I have had numerous skin problems for months upon months, and I am trying to stick to skin-friendly products. This moisturiser is actually pretty good. It sinks in immediately, provides a smooth makeup base, and is non-offensive in smell or feel. Plus it didn't break the bank!

As my Eucerin face wash and toner came to an end last week and I didn't fancy paying almost £10 each to repurchase them (they have been brilliant, but I'm a cheap skate at heart!) I opted for a cheaper alternative in Botanics. I am sure I just imagined it but my skin seemed to look much better after just one day of using this cleansing mousse followed by the rosewater toner.

I much prefer a wash/mousse/foaming cleanser as opposed to a lotion and this one doesn't disappoint. It manages to remove most of my makeup so just a quick swipe of the toner on a cotton wool pad is needed. I'll update on this again in a few weeks time.

My only whinge is that it wasn't on 3 for 2 like it always seems to be, so I couldn't get a third item free!

Not much to say on this one. I have used Double Wear foundation since I started wearing makeup about ten years ago. When my last bottle ran out I tried to find an alternative, and although I found a good Rimmel one I just missed the good coverage and staying power.

A bottle of Double Wear is steep at £26.50 but a bottle easily lasts me 6 months +.

I have also been trying the Double Wear concealer for the first time which is around £18. Again, quite expensive for a concealer but you only need a tiny amount which goes a long way. This is really good at covering my dark circles and I have got no complaints here.

What have you been buying lately?

The most beautiful shoes in the world - featuring Anniel and Melissa.


When I spotted the sparkliest, prettiest pumps I'd ever seen over on Sarenza I knew I would have to get them at some point with one of my ambassador vouchers. I'm like a magpie and can't resist a bit of sparkle.

The Facette pumps by Anniel are beautiful, so much so that there are just size 6.5s left so hot foot it over there if they take your fancy.

I am a tad obsessed with pumps and these Anniel ones are the ultimate pump in my eyes. I've also got my eye on a plain pair which would probably get worn to the absolute death, unlike these which I will stroke and stare at intermittently.

Anniel shoes are the shoes of the moment. It all began as a family business in Montebelluna near Venice, which has been devoted heart and soul since 1976 to producing exceptional sports footwear. The shoes and the ballet pumps from Anniel are authentic Made-in-Italy creations, which are produced by a skilled workforce with advanced technologies in order to respect the creativity of each style, and bring you unparalleled comfort. The quality of Anniel has meant that it now exports all over the world and has expanded rapidly. Fashionable yet authentic, Anniel shoes are also very supple which makes them a real pleasure to wear.

I have had my eye on Melissa bow flip flops since last Summer so when I spotted this gold pair called Melissa Juta I had to get them. I had no idea the Melissa shoes were made of recycled material (read their blurb below for more details) so now I love them even more.

They are the fanciest flip flops I have ever owned and, when if the sun makes an appearance, I'll get a lot of wear from these.

The Melissa brand is the darling of the design world. Their shoes, which are made entirely of recycled plastic are hypoallergenic and have no odour, have won over the world of fashion, the ecologically minded, and some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The infinitely pliable plastic of Melissa shoes has been remodelled by a crowd of creative visionaries, from Zaha Hadid to Vivienne Westwood, from Karim Rashid to John Paul Gaultier. The Melissa brand celebrated its 30th birthday in 2009, but it is far from ready to rest on its laurels.

Sunday waffling.


I had a long overdue haircut at an actual hairdressers yesterday. Jonathan was the last person to trim my hair. Prior to that it was a horrible woman at Supercuts. And the few times before that it was my Mum! Since the age of 15 I have dyed my hair every colour possible, and have had every style possible including a 'posh bob' and bonded hair extensions down to my bum. Last year I took the plunge back to my natural hair colour after being blonde for years and years, and since then it has all been about getting the condition back and trying to grow it as long as possible. I've basically left it alone and let it do its own thing.

A professional cut meant losing the scraggly ends and having a general tidy up. To say I lost a little bit of length it still looks bloody long, which I didn't realise properly until I saw it from the back!

I am going to cut down on using hair straighteners (my hair is naturally poker straight so I don't really need them), user deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis and stop tying my hair up as much. I am also only going to wash it when it really needs it, as I'm a complete over-washer and the daily blow drying can't be doing it any good either.

In other news, the people at Munchy Seeds sent me a couple of packets of their seeds recently so last week I added them to my salads. I've been having salad for lunch at work every day for the past few weeks now so I try to add new little bits and bobs to make them more interesting/crunchy/filling. I particularly like cashew nuts, sugar snap peas and croutons. The seeds were tasty and added an interesting taste and texture to my salads, but I'm not sure whether I would make a purchase for more.

Today I was up bright and early (thanks Lily and Lola...) but put the time to good use by doing a bit of housework, an hour of Zumba and watching a few episodes of 24 (series 2) with Jonathan. We're currently making our way through the whole lot and I am hooked! Did you watch them the first time round? I completely missed the boat but am loving me a bit of Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida on a regular basis!

Whilst the Formula 1 is on and keeps Jonathan quiet (does the whizzing of the cars annoying anyone else?!) I'm catching up with Mollie Makes issue 3 and browsing Penguin Clothbound Classic books. I am obsessed with these books (obsessed with looking at them - I don't actually own any yet!) because I think they are completely gorgeous and would be a great thing to collect. I would start off with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass which has a super pretty cover.

Do you collect these? Don't you think they would make great gifts for book worms?

Sale bits & bobs.


I was never one for shopping in the sale until I met my boyfriend. Best dressed boy I know and rarely buys things unless they're a) in the sale or b) from Primark. So now when the sales roll around I'm always up for a little nosy to see if there's anything worth nabbing.

River Island is always one of my favourites for sale shopping, especially the website where you can browse till your heart's content without wrestling with other shoppers or stepping over discarded clothes on the floor.

When the sale launched on the website recently I spotted a floral dress which I almost bought at full price a couple of months ago, so I placed an order for that (it hasn't arrived yet though - I think RI are having a few delivery issues at the moment!)

In store I got a delightful wishbone bracelet for £1 and a navy/cream crocheted shift dress for £12. I love the shift dress with the crochet detail and I can't wait to wear it. I will work it into my work wardrobe somehow with tights or team with leggings for a casual look.

Dorothy Perkins is another good one for sales (or anytime for that matter!). For £12 I got a black tunic with a cream lace peter pan collar. You know me, I love a peter pan collar. I wore this with leggings last week and I felt very pretty indeed.

Have you picked up any sale bargains?

Photos from the weekend.


The weather came up trumps last weekend so it was an excuse to get out and about and soak up a few rays. Lola is a little sun worshipper. She always finds a little sunny spot and won't move until I bring her inside for some shade - I don't want the little tinker to overheat!

Saturday morning called for a quick dash to drop some things off at a local charity shop and a trip to Meadowhall (so disappointed with Primark's offerings. I didn't see anything nice apart from a little daisy print blouse and some pants!) It was far too nice to be stuck inside so we hot footed it home to walk Lily and Lola then had a wander to a nearby pub where we sat outside and relaxed for a little while. I had a shandy and a goats cheese/caramelised onion ciabatta with chips - yum!


We took full advantage of the Marks & Spencer "dine in, two for £10" deal and opted for the raspberry pannacotta for pud. It was de-lic-ious.

I took a few snaps of sunny Sheffield while we waited for Race for Life to start on Sunday. I am a newbie to Sheffield having only just moved to Rotherham to be with Jonathan but the city centre seems nice from what I've seen.


The weekend ahead is approaching fast! What are your plans?