Sarenza online store - featuring Georgia Rose, Xti & Keds.


I'm back with more lovely shoes as month two of being an ambassador for Sarenza passes. First things first, Sarenza are having a massive sale and the discounts are very generous. So if you've had your eye on a pair of shoes then now is the time to take advantage of some pennies off and free delivery!

When I saw that my fellow ambassador Jen got these Jepi heels by Georgia Rose I was very jealous as I hadn't spotted them myself amongst the hundreds of other shoes. They are perfect for me as I don't wear heels very often but when I do I struggle to find heels in my collection that match my outfit. These will go with pretty much any outfit and aren't too over the top or too high - I love 'em!

New French brand Georgia Rose is every fashionista's dream; accessories which take into account all our wants and needs. The shoes come in a great range of sizes, from 2 to 10, and all at fantastic prices. The Georgia Rose woman is dynamic, feminine, ambitious, glamorous and before anything else, she is contemporary with a passion for fashion.

As I have mentioned before I am obsessed with pumps and own many pairs. I wear pumps for work every day and most weekends paired with skinny jeans. This pair of Xti pumps called Praia are absolutely beautiful I think. A little bit fancy and sparkly, but still work appropriate and a colour that will go with most things. They also fit like a glove so I just know I'll wear these to death!

No brand info available!

Finally I got a pair of Keds. And this excites me a LOT as I've always wanted a pair of Keds. I think Lily likes them too, she was sniffing at them earlier. I got a grey Champion Jersey pair as they seemed the most classic, and grey goes with everything.

Since 1916 the Keds brand has symbolised the American lifestyle - simplicity, relaxation and a casual attitude are at the heart of its philosophy. From day one Keds attracted attention with the forever legendary feminine model Champion, which has withstood the test of time with a perpetual freshness. Around 1950, Keds shoes became must-have items, and it is this very brand which invented the word "sneaker" to describe the furtive noise of its famous sole made from vulcanised rubber.


  1. I love those pu,ps, they're so cute. And the heels - I've been jealous of them since I saw Jen wearing them too! Good picks :) x

  2. Love the pumps! Thry're HOT!


  3. I love those Keds, jersey grey is such a classic colour. I took a pair of slip-on Keds with me to Thailand and wore them for a week's trekking in the jungle and they were absolutely great, barely damaged at all at the end and I got no blisters, so I am a bit advocate for Keds!

  4. I looooove those flats! I also just got some white kids a bit ago, but I have yet to break them in!

  5. I think these shoes are now officially PUG-approved. ;) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!

  6. Great shoes. Love the sandals.

    X x

  7. Love them! How do you find the keds? Do they rub at all?

  8. I love the pumps :)

    The keds look great too...really want to go shoe shopping now!


  9. aww how cute is lily nosying at the shoes? i love the pumps too.