Race for Life 2011.


If you read my blog last year you may remember I took part in Race for Life (Leeds) with my friend, Rose. It was a great experience and a good excuse to get fit and raise money for charity. I promised myself I would carry on running once the event was over, but alas, I stopped. I think it's a great idea to have these events to train towards - a goal is always a good thing to spur you on.

With that in mind I have signed up again for the Sheffield event which takes place in a few weeks time, and since I signed up last week I've been out jogging every night. I am determined to run the whole 5k so my training needs to step up a gear if I'm going to be prepared in time. My sponsorship page is looking a bit sparse so I'm going to be badgering my family and friends to sponsor me a couple of quid if they can over the next few weeks.

Jogging doesn't come naturally to me (if it does for anyone?!) but I work really hard at it. In the past week alone I have got my speed up from a snail's pace to a reasonable speed and managed to stop myself stopping when I get tired!

Have you done a Race for Life event or have you got one coming up soon?

Unfortunately not me (source)


  1. I haven't done Race for Life... YET, but I'm going to be running 5k in the Adidas Women's Challenge. :) Can't wait to be honest. You just need to be consistent and commited. X

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  2. yeah im doing the race for life in july, its amaazing, i love the atmosphere at the event <3

  3. Mine is a week on Sunday! But I haven't been motivated at all this year and hardly done any training :( need to get motivated! Good luck with yours :)

  4. I'm actually considering doing one in Liverpool soon! :) Last summer i got really into running pretty much every day, then uni started again and it suffered! I actually really like it though, i felt so much healthier afterwards. Good luck with everything! Oh and i LOVE your pugs and the story of how you got them, absolutely gorgeous!xo

  5. I am going to do the Sheffield one next year! If I can stay motivated for that long that is haha x

  6. Haha...the "unfortunately not me" quote made me laugh :)

  7. i've not done the race for life but hope too in the future. good luck with yours :)

  8. you go girl! i sooo appreciate people like you... cause my mom had cancer!! and it's just SUCH a wonderful thing you do!

  9. I did the Newbury Race for Life last year which I power-walked as I have problems with one of my ankles (due to an injury a few years ago) and I loved it!

    Not able to do it this year as I'm on holiday but hoping to next year!

    Good luck! :)


  10. I'm doing the Aberdeen one in a months time - not going to lie, I'm walking it. I'm hopefully going to do it in some form of fancy dress!