Dove beauty finish & Sure 48hr.


For the past few weeks I've been trialling a couple of deodorants - Dove's beauty finish and Sure's 48 hr cotton dry. A bad deodorant can be disasterous, especially for an important occasion or on a warm day. Both the Dove and the Sure roll ons I've been trying out have been pretty good in different ways - but one is a clear winner.

Dove has the most amazing smell ever, so this one wins hands down on fragrance. But for effectiveness the Sure 48 hr cotton dry has been better (although I'm very skeptical of anything that claims to last so long and I can't vouch for this lasting 48 hours).

Sure have relaunched their formula which now uses a unique technology called motionsenseTM system. This works by responding to the movement of the body and claims "the more you move, the more it works". 

For me the deodorant performs well and has a light, fresh fragrance that has good staying power. However, I'm a fan of spray deodorants as opposed to roll ons, as I find them much more effective. I'll definitely look out for the Sure 48hr spray next time I pop into Boots. Prices start from £1.77.


  1. Must say I can't vouch for the 48 hour claim but it's a great deodorant. I use the spray! x

  2. I love the smell of these, but they definitely aren't as effective of others i've used! Best is the lime/kiwi one? xx