Save the honey bees.


When I spotted an email in my inbox about the Save the honey bees campaign I had to share it with you. Burt's Bees and the British Bee Keeper's Association have teamed up with 4 celebs who have designed bespoke bee hives to auction off to help save the honey bee! All proceeds go to the British Bee Keeper's Association to fund research into honey bee health and essential education for bee keepers. Keep reading to see why bees need our help. For more information on the BBKA and how they are helping with the conversation of the British Bee, visit or

The Joanna Lumley box (far left) is my favourite

More than just a sweet treat, honey has long been renowned for its health benefits. Naturally anti-inflammatory, a powerful antiseptic, soothing and moisturising it is no surprise that the unique properties of honey should be harnessed for use in a range of products from skin care to natural remedies.
However the hardworking, humble honey bee is under threat. In the US the bee-per-hectare count has fallen nearly 90 per cent since 1961, and in China some crops are now pollinated by hand using feather brushes because there aren’t enough bees to do the job.
Brian Ripley, Chairman of the BBKA said: “The situation isn’t quite this extreme in the UK but we can’t be complacent. Winter is always a hard time for bees; three years ago more than one in three of the UK’s honey bees died.  The situation is improving, our bees are getting healthier, but they are still not out of intensive care yet.”
Bees are central to our food supply with one third of all crops relying on pollination.  No one knows the exact reason why bees are suffering, but loss of habitat, disease, the use of pesticides and even vehicle emissions could all play a part.  What we do know is that the impact of bees on our eco-system is critical and direct action is required to protect our environment.

Congrats - Kate & Wills!


What a thoroughly enjoyable watch and an event that makes me proud to be British!

Bank Holiday weekend #1.


The first of two long weekends is over and I've been back at work for three days enjoying the quietness of the office as most people had the time booked off to get 11 days off using 3 days holiday entitlement! Anyway, thanks to Kate & Will we get another long break this weekend and I'll certainly be making the most of it. Last weekend was a really relaxing break and it did wonders for my stress levels after a busy few weeks at work. We didn't get chance to go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (as I mentioned on Friday) because we remembered we had arranged to view a house, but we're hoping to go very soon. Perhaps this weekend or next.

I took a few snaps last weekend and I thought I would share them with you. Photos include my new top from Primark and the brown satchel which I adore and haven't stopped using since (mentioned here), Jonathan's parents back garden and view, making crumble with my Mum, wishful thinking planning a holiday to Florida, my pudding from a trip to Red Hot World Buffet, and Lola soaking up the sun.

Trip to Primark.


I popped to Primark on Friday morning to have a nosy and I thought getting there for 10am when the store opened would mean I could have a really good look at everything and see what was what. I always see people in lovely Primark things but I can never find them in store myself. Well, by 10.30 the store was bedlam! Every man and his dog were in there, so my shopping trip turned into a quick scoot round. I found a few nice little gems and thought I would share them, as I personally love reading these posts on other blogs.

 Mint green floaty top - £8
Turquoise ring - £2

Brown satchel £7

Pink bow pumps £12

The floaty top is lovely (they have other colours too!) It's perfect to throw on over a vest paired with skinny jeans and pumps. I will be living in outfits like this over the coming months!

I already have these pumps in beige and they're getting a little dirty so I thought I'd pick up a pink pair. They're really comfortable and I love the little bow on the front.

Have you found anything nice in Primark recently?

I'm happy when..

.. I am getting ready for the day and a note is pushed under the bedroom door like this:

9 bars.


I recently won a giveaway on Sofia's Journal and the prize was a sampler pack of 9 Bars. What is a 9 Bar you say?

9Bar is a deliciously nutricious seed bar designed to get the maximum nutritional goodness from seeds in a convenient and tasty way, so its no great surprise to find the main ingredient of a 9Bar is a blend of wholesome seeds. Sunflower seeds form the main base of the bar but the mix also includes pumpkin, poppy, sesame and the legendary hemp. The flax variety has added flax, or linseed as it is often better known, one of the best plant sources of Omega 3. Seeds are a nutritionally dense food containing a wide range of nutrients including minerals, vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids. As part of a balanced, healthy diet seeds can provide a wide range of nutrients.

Plus they are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, yeast free and egg free!

I was pleasantly surprised by the bars, and I intend to order some more from the site very soon. My favourite bar was the nutty variety, and I didn't dislike any of the others (original, pumpkin, flax and organic).

I was surprised by the size of the bars - they're a generous size and certainly very filling. The amount of calories in each bar was higher than I thought, but it was no higher than a bar of chocolate which isn't particularly good for you or filling in any way. These serve as a great snack but also a way to keep the hunger at bay.

Have you tried any of the flavours?

Good Friday.


I hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday and that it's sunny where you live. It has been a glorious day here in Rotherham. After a dash to Meadowhall this morning as soon as it opened to grab a couple of things, Jonathan and I took the dogs for a walk in the sunshine then headed to the pub to meet his friend and girlfriend. We sat outside soaking up the sunshine for hours, and had a huge pub lunch followed by a few drinks. Then we had a stroll for ice cream and a look round a few little shops, including one which sold the most amazing furniture and bits and pieces for the home. I literally wanted to buy everything, but especially a gorgeous white dressing table with all manner of trinkets on display.

Last week was very busy for me at work so the 4 day break is very welcome. I didn't get up to much last week apart from going to see Milton Jones on Wednesday in Sheffield with Jonathan, his Sister and her husband. We also had Pizza Express for tea taking full advantage of the Orange Wednesday offer. The night was lots of fun and Milton was funny (but I actually preferred the warm up act - oops!)

Tomorrow we're going to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park then to a BBQ at Jonathan's parents house. Their back garden really catches the sun so I'm looking forward to a relaxing afternoon and lots of BBQ food - yum! 

On Sunday I'm going to see my Mum in Leeds and spend the day with her as my Dad will be in London visiting his side of the family, and as for Monday, no plans yet but I'm sure I'll be making the most of the time off work!

Have a wonderful Friday evening!

Style inspiration: Rachel Bilson.

In terms of fashion, I love to read fashion blogs and be inspired by such unique and well put together outfits. But in reality I'm a simple creature. A good pair of skinny jeans, pumps (or heaven forbid - Ugg boots! *sorry*), a really good white t shirt that fits perfectly and simple accessories are enough to float my boat, and when it comes to coveting a celebrity wardrobe I prefer the less is more approach.

Who better to grace my latest style inspiration post than my boyfriend's favourite lady (after me, of course!) - Rachel Bilson. I love her casual style - jeans and a casual top with an amazing handbag, but I also like the way she looks amazing dressed up in pretty dresses and heels. I'm also still trying to work out how to get such a perfect wave in my hair.

All photos have been lovingly borrowed from a Google image search


Nougat hand cream.


Nougat London Limited started life as a fashion collection in London's West End in 1990. In 2000 they launched a Body to Home range which is stocked in stores such as Harrods, Heals and John Lewis throughout the UK. Their philosophy is to use the finest ingredients (none are tested on animals) and create beautiful products.

The product Nougat kindly sent me to review is their Nurtering Hand Cream - Tuberose & Jasmine, but it is also available in Fig and Pink Cedar, or Cherry Blossom. The pots come in a 50ml glass jar for £7.00 or a 200ml glass jar for £15.00. They also do a 40ml tube for £6.00 which is ideal for popping in your handbag.

First of all, anything that is packaged in a glass jar is a winner in my book. This is a pretty addition to anyone's dressing table. Things like this make such lovely presents for people when you know they're a girly girl but you're not sure what they'd like. Everyone loves hand cream!

The Tuberose & Jasmine cream that I tried has a strong smell, but isn't too overpowering. The website describes the hand cream as rich but easily absorbed and I definitely agree with that. The cream leaves no sticky or heavy residue and sinks in nicely, leaving a wonderful smell around for a while afterwards.

The cream makes my dry hands really soft and smooth. I will definitely be using up the whole pot! I'd also be curious to look at other products in the range, especially things for the home.



When I spotted a post by Rebecca (one of my favourite blogs) saying she had been to Wentworth Garden Centre in South Yorkshire I mentioned it to Jonathan as he lives in Rotherham. Turns out he used to go all the time when he was little and he said it was a lovely place so when the sun made a scorching appearance last Saturday we had a drive over there.

We had a really fun afternoon helped by the fact the sun was shining - it made a really nice change not to get rained on! First of all we had a wander round the garden centre. I wanted to buy strawberry and raspberry plants, even though I've got nowhere to plant them as yet. I'll definitely be going back when I have a proper garden to plant things in! I've always wanted to grow things to eat - they always seem to taste amazing when they're from someone's back garden.

Then we looked round the beautiful gardens and got lost in the maze. The trees and plants were all so pretty and colourful. We had a sit down on one of the benches and stayed there for a good half an hour, not wanting to move from the glorious sunshine and pretty surroundings.

(if you've seen the 'Friends' London episode this will make sense!)

We also went to the farm and saw an array of cute (and smelly) farm animals - the humongous pig was one of my favourites. She was retired and taking a well earned break after having a gazillion piglets. Then it seemed I was in the right place at the right time and one of the staff asked me if I'd like to feed a baby! Erm, yes please!

We finished the afternoon off with a browse round the shops, a visit to an ice cream van and a stroll around the area nearby. Bliss!

Little update.


I've been a busy bee lately and haven't had much time for blogging. I split my time between my house and Jonathan's house, and when I'm at my house I can't blog because I don't have a computer. I also don't have a proper camera at the moment (saving up for one) so blogging isn't as easy as it used to be. When I first started I had a dull job where I had a lot of spare time to inject into my blog; talking about the things I was buying and doing, and holidays and such. I had a fancy computer and laptop, and a shared camera with my (now ex) boyfriend which I subsequently lost following our break up.

Since my break up last Summer things have been tough financially and I've been learning to live on my own two feet. I haven't had much money for fancy makeup and clothes, and that's why my blog has taken a different angle. I've been busy paying bills and learning how to cook for one and looking after Lily and Lola.

Since I met Jonathan I've been incredibly happy and busy just living life. We do things like cooking and baking, and house hunting, and having afternoons out (see photo - taken from the weekend enjoying the sunshine).

I guess what I'm hoping is that you loyal readers of LLL will continue to come on my little journey with me and enjoy what I've got to say.


Oreo cookie & cream cheesecake.


Remember here I mentioned I made a cheesecake? Well it was a little Nigella number and it was utterly divine so I knew I had to share it with you lovely folk. This is the first cheesecake I've ever made but I'll certainly be making it again. A while ago Jonathan mentioned that it was his favourite cheesecake so when his birthday approached I decided I'd give it a whirl as a birthday cake for him.

(I have no idea why I bought relighting candles. I'm a wally.)

You can find the ingredients and the instructions here, but basically it involves mixing lots of yummy, sweet treats together. If you're on a diet I would suggest making something else because there is probably about 1000 calories per slice with this little number.

I had a LOT of fun making this and eating the ingredients as I went along - although I got a tad stressed at one point where I burnt my white chocolate. Oops!

I made my biscuit base the night before and left it in the fridge overnight (as I'd never made one before I made a mini version to make sure it tasted ok). The next morning I got to work preparing the topping which hardly took any time at all, then I spooned it onto the base and left it in the fridge until the evening.

It tasted delicious and tasted better and better as the days went on, until it was all gone!

Are you a cheesecake fan? Let me know if you've made one!