Monday summary.


Happy Monday. Hope you all had a good weekend? I've had the past 4 days off work (still using up annual leave before the new allowance starts!) so I've been doing lots of fun stuff and eating my own body weight in buns and sweet things. Now that my guest posts have finished I can share my own 5 good things of the moment:

1) The sun is shining. Everything just feels so much better when the sun is out. I've been feeling a little weird lately - sort of like a feeling of impending doom is hanging over me. I don't know - must be hormones! But a walk outside with the sun shining down on my face makes me feel much better.

2) Doing things that scare you. On Friday I went ice skating. I've only been once before; I was about 10, and I slipped over and someone's skate caught my ear. Anyway, it turns out that I wasn't so bad once I got the hang of it. Big thanks to Jonathan for not letting go of my hand! I'd love to go again once my heel has recovered from the blisters and my hips have stopped aching!

3) Driving through pretty little villages to find houses for sale. This is today's plan.

4) Jonathan's birthday. I love planning anything and everything (mainly holidays but other stuff is fun too!). It's his birthday in a couple of weeks time and I'm having fun planning little presents and what to cook for him.

5) We made marshmallow cupcakes again on Saturday and they are our best ones yet. We bought smaller cases so they're just the right size, and the frosting was spot on. They're so easy to make once you get the hang of it - I just know we will be making these forever!


  1. Ooh, I've been meaning to try those marshmallow cupcakes, but thought thye sounded a bit complicated. Glad you found them easy, I shall give them a go!

    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  2. I agree, the sun makes everything better! I love going for random little drives around the countryside, I'd love to take a peak in some of the house :) x

  3. I stilll need to try these cupcakes! I have a ton of marshmallows randomly sitting around..

  4. Ah you're so brave going ice skating! Last time I went I fractured my wrist and so am filled with day I will conquer it and not fall over, just not quite yet :)

  5. Those cupcakes sound yummy!

  6. I haven't been ice skating for SO long, I think I would be scared too! It's supposed to be really good exercise though :)

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