Guest post: 5 good things (by Pfefi)


5 good things by Pfefi:

1) Employment nirvana!  It's fun!  It's Goldilocks style "just right for me"; not too techy and not too fuzzy, but still surrounded by both brilliant and friendly people.

2) Got my 3 Zoya polishes in the mail this week and they're soooooo sparkly!!!  I got Charla, Happi, and Crystal.

3) Found an all-kinds-of-awesome new apartment with my darling and it is pet friendly! But we can't decide between all the super cute puppies!

4) Guilty pleasure this week: playing Pokemon on GBA.  Am mega addicted.  Named my Mudkip "Phelps" :D  Holla if you get it.  :P

5) Am sipping an iced mocha latte with half soy, half rice milk and is delish.

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