Guest post: 5 good things (by Lorna)


5 good things by Lorna:

1) I went home (from uni) for a few days last week, and had a great time catching up with my mum, nan and dogs. It was great having my meals cooked for me, and being able to relax in a bath every night :-)

2) My boyfriend comes back to uni today, after staying with his parents for the past week. I'm going to the train station to meet him, and am really looking forward to seeing him again.

3) I've done 15 days of the 30 Day Shred so far, without missing any, and have already got a lot stronger, with more stamina.

4) I've been experimenting with healthy new recipes, and having a great time doing so.

5) My dad comes home next week, after being away for four months (he's in the merchant navy).


  1. Thanks for featuring my 5 Good Things! The mini-egg cupcakes in your last post look amazing.

  2. aww such cute doggies! i always miss my dogs so much when i'm away from them too.