Guest post: 5 good things (by Jennifer)


5 good things by Jennifer:

1) Moving house! Finally settling down in my own gorgeous bedroom is making me very very happy indeed :)
     I've lived in 3 different houses in 6 months and feeling settled is a lovely feeling i have to say :)

2) Cooking up yummy things spontaneously! and succeeding, i think that's important to add ;)
     Getting home from school and being able to whip up a cracking BLT sandwhich just adds a touch of perfection to my day.

3) Sorting out things i thought i'd never sort out; my schoolwork section of the wardrobe.
      I never thought i'd see the day, feeling very organised and proud of myself now :)

4) Drinking more water! It really makes a big change to my mood and i find myself looking at things more positively now, maybe i'm just doing it sub-conciously?
Who knows, either way, my skin is definitely benefiting!

5) Getting more into my blog. I love my blog, even though i don't have a high amount of followers they all take their time to leave lovely comments and it makes me smile everytime i see my page views go up :) 


  1. i'd say 1700odd followers is pretty high! ;O)

    awwhhh hello little pooch!

  2. It's a guest post, not written by me :)