Fearne Cotton makeup.


Fearne Cotton has bagged herself a makeup range exclusively sold at Boots stores which features a range of nail polishes, eye shadows/pencils, and lip products. The range has recently launched - have you spotted any of her products in store? If not keep on reading for more info!

I have been sent a couple of items from the range and so far I have tried the nail polishes - I was pretty impressed. The colours I received (coral and pink) are very bright and girly, and a couple of coats were enough to give good coverage. There's a good choice of colours in the range, and if you're into bright polishes such as the colours Barry M do then these are definitely worth a look.

I'll do a more in depth review soon but I thought I'd give you a heads up on the range and let you know it's out.

I'd say that the range is ideal for teens as the prices are reasonable and Boots stores are so accessible. They would make good presents too, as everyone knows Fearne and she's a pretty good role model I'd say!


  1. I love Fearne Cotton, so I was of course very interested in her make-up line. It's not sold at my Boots though.. and it's not exactly a small store either! Boo :( xxx

  2. I got the gorgeous hat box she did for Christmas...the products are all quite nice but the packaging they came in was definitely the best thing about it

  3. A make up line inspired by F Cotton is a great idea, she's a fashion icon and I can see people going for these products. I do like her style and her personality.

  4. I really wanna check this out, I love Fearne :) xx


  5. I love Fearne Cotton so much! I once did a style post based on her! Love her.



  6. I really like all the colours in that photo, will have to get down to my local Boots to see if they stock the range!

  7. I didnt try anything from her makeup line at xmas but Im glad shes doing a permenant line now :) x