Monday summary.


Happy Valentine's Day! This Monday summary and '5 good things' post may contain slush and lovey dovey matter so please look away now if you are avoiding romantic nonsense. I feel I'm allowed to be slightly smug as I spent many years being single whilst every single one of my friends were loved up/moving in together/going on holiday. I thought I'd NEVER find 'the one' so now that I have, I'm very happy indeed. And of course every day we tell each other how much we love the other, but if you can't shout about it on Valentine's Day then when can you?!

I had a lovely weekend (as always!). On Friday night Jonathan and I went out for tea in Leeds with my friend from work and her boyfriend. Between us we ate lots of yummy food and had a good laugh. Saturday involved baking and making pizza. Then yesterday we went to Jonathan's sister and husbands house and lots of family were there for Sunday dinner, quizzes, board games and relaxing. I had a lovely spot in front of the roaring fire while we caught the end of the rugby.

My 5 good things:

1) I've got the day off today (not for Valentine's Day specifically; just to use up some annual leave!) So far we've had a lazy morning drinking tea and eating hot cross buns, we took the dogs on a walk and my hands nearly dropped off from the cold, and I've done a little bit of blogging while the boy catches up with Top Gear. And of course I swapped cards with the boy (he always makes his cards = adorable!) and swapped presents. He has bought some surprise ingredients for our dinner and will be cooking up a storm a little bit later. Yum!

2) My knitting lessons are booked! I'm terribly excited about my class, but worried I won't pick it up as quickly as I did at Brownies when I was a wee young thing. The older I get the more my patience disappears! There are SO many things I want to knit so I really hope I get the knitting bug!

3) I must say a quick THANK YOU for the wonderful comments on this post. You have said such kind words and told me about your weight loss journeys and I've really enjoyed reading every single comment. Keep them coming! The support of others is so helpful when you're trying to lose weight or get fit, so if you're feeling a bit stuck feel free to email or tweet me and I'll be happy to reply :)

4) We've got lots of good films lined up to watch today/this week. Next up is The Girl Who Played With Fire. I can't wait to watch it!

5) My boyfriend. He is truly the kindest, funniest, most generous person I've ever met. He puts up with my silly mood swings once a month. He makes me laugh when I'm feeling down. He listens when I talk. He is very silly and we always have so much fun, no matter what we're doing. And I fancy him to bits. Jonathan - I love you :)


  1. happy valentines ;)
    and hope the knitting goes well, i reeally want to re-learn!! :)

  2. Awww what a cute post, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

    I'm interested to know more about your knitting lessons, I haven't done any knitting for years either...

    I hope your have a lovely Valentines day off xxx

  3. what a lovely post :) Enjoy your valentines day, and definitely update on how you're doing with the knitting I'd love to have lessons! x

  4. aw i love this post :) sounds like your having a lovely wee day.
    good luck with the knitting, my sis is taking it up, it looks like another language!!

  5. Awww such a great post :)
    Hope the knitting goes well!

  6. Happy Valentines Day :) Lovely post! Your post about losing weight motivated me to exercise - you rock haha xx

  7. What a lovely post! Happy valentines day and good luck with the knitting, I'm sure you'll do fine.

    X x x

  8. Such a lovely post - good luck with the knitting! x

  9. Nawwh such a cute post. Happy love day, sounds like you had a lovely few days :) Good luck knitting! x

  10. lovely post! seems like you had a perfect v day and are very happy! :) do you live in Leeds? I'm from there!

    Emma x

  11. Youve defo been a busy gal eh :) thats awesome about your knitting course! and big aww at what you said about your boyfriend. makes me smile seeing people happy and in love :) <3 hope youve had a good week so far girlie. xx