Guest post: 5 good things (by Isabella)


5 good things by Isabella:
1) My 'Pugs Not Drugs' tote bag that I got from You may have seen it. I searched and searched for it so when I got it in the post yesterday it felt SO good to finally have it! 

2) My boyfriend making me cupcakes for lunch today. He isn't much a baker ... or one for cute little cupcakes so him donning oven gloves and getting happy with sprinkles and pink frosting was SUCH a lovely thing. He makes me feel so special. 

3) My own black pug Petula and my kitty Boo who only has three legs! I couldn't wish for better pets, both get along so well and play together (well... most of the time haha) and they're always getting into mischief and making me laugh, right now they're sleeping together on top of the washing pile and it's SO cute! 

4) Blogging I'm very new to it but it's so much fun coming across new blogs that I find interesting or funny or thought provoking and following them, I find a lot of people who are inspiring and I hope my own blog can be as interesting someday! 

5) St Albans, a town near where I live in the south of England that's so full of life and fun, I love walking in the park with my family or boyfriend and taking trips with my girlfriends to the town centre where we shop till we drop! There's always fun people there too, last time we went there was a preacher with a big cross stood on a box telling us the end is coming, and the time before there were people in Batman and Superman costumes posing for pictures with people! I love being in such a vibrant place :)



  1. Thankyou for posting my 5 good things! :D

  2. i'm impressed with the boyfriend baking - I think i might have to start hinting to mine.

  3. I go to school in St Albans :D,xx