Guest post: 5 good things (by Charli)


5 good things by Charli:

1) Turning the music up, singing at the top of my voice and dancing like a loony - This never fails to lift my mood whenever I feel down I know its time for a good old sing song :)

2) My daughter - She has to be one of the most entertaining kids I have ever met (I'm not just saying that either) she plans on taking the world by storm and being famous at aged 5, and comes out with some of the cutest quotes like 'if you blow me a kiss I will eat it so it goes straight in my heart' Awwww!

3) Seeing my friends - Some of my friends live so far from me but when we see eachother it's like we have never been apart, I really treasure the moments we spend together and our friendships are stronger than ever.

4) Cooking - My dad taught me how to cook from a young age and every time I do it makes me smile and I don't mean bunging something in the oven either I mean from scratch, its really nice to achieve something and be like yeah I made that!

5) Reading - Getting lost in a book is something I love! I do get really disappointed when they make movies of books I have read though because it's never the same.

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  1. I'm a bit weary too of watching films from books - they always seem to lack that special something you always picture in your mind when your reading them, and they main characters are NOTHING like you've ever imagined them.