Guest post: 5 good things (by Abi)


I hope you're all enjoying my guest posts at the moment! This particular list of '5 good things' has been one of my favourites - such perfect good things!

5 good things by Abi:

1) Looking through our old family albums, and finding brilliant photos of my childhood best friend Charlotte and I on a summer picnic.

2) The precious first moments as I get off the train at Leeds station and see my boyfriend waiting for me, after weeks of being miles apart.

3) A grandparent thanking you for taking the time to visit them, even when you've had a wonderful Sunday devouring Victoria Sponge.

4) Somebody making you a cup of tea, exactly the way you like it - ahhhhhh. Perfection.

5) Sending your best friend living out in Australia a little surprise parcel, and then receiving the overjoyed phone call of thanks. The magic it feels to be so apart yet feel so close.

Taken by Abi's Mum in '96

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