As 2010 has come to an end I thought I would browse through some old blog posts and my oh my, my life has changed so much in the last 12 months. My world has been turned upside down and back again, and I wanted to put a few things down on paper (or, you know, the screen) for myself but also to share the highs and lows with you. 

I had quite a tough break up with my ex boyfriend in the Summer after 2 years together. We adopted Lily and Lola together, and also had his dog Geri, so it was like our little family had split up completely. We had to live together for a few weeks after we broke up until we could rent our house out to other tenants and it was the most stressful, painful 6 weeks of my life. I've rarely spoken to anyone about it because it was so tough. I threw myself into work as a distraction and concentrated on looking after Lily and Lola on my own.

I must give an extra special mention to the inspiration for my blog name, Lily and Lola. My 2 faithful pooches who always want to cuddle me no matter what. This time last year I shared the story of how I adopted them. It has now been 2 years with them in my life and boy oh boy, they certainly make life interesting! You can read that blog post here if you ever wondered how I came to find the little pooches.


At the beginning of 2010 I went to see Avatar and raved about it, it snowed and was very inconvenient for everyone, I had blonde hair, I visited Harrogate and Otley with my friend and I attended an event for Aussie!


I saw 500 Days of Summer which spawned by obsession for Zooey Deschanel, I turned 25, I dyed my hair back to its natural colour after 6 years of being a blondie, I visited Salts Mill & Little Germany, I made a delicious cake, I shared my style inspiration, and Lola modelled her favourite tee.


I got a fringe but envied every other fringe in existence, I discovered my least favourite nail polish, and found another that I loved, I shared my weight loss inspiration as I took part in a Weight Loss Challenge, I did some shopping, and shared some facts about little old me.


I listened to a lot of music, I felt robbed after a trip to the hairdressers, I reached 1000 subscribers, my Mum got in on the blogging action, my obsession with Next Home began, I bought this amazing tote bag, and my training for Race for Life was in full swing.


I saw my idol in the flesh when I went to see She & Him, I mentioned it again, I forgot the true meaning of blogging and thought I would quit, I began helping out with a new blog, Lost came to an end, and I bought my very first maxi dress!


My parents cat and my pal, Tufty, passed away, I discovered Green Monsters, I blogged for Next (and won!), I took part in my first Race for Life, and I went shopping in preparation for the Summer.


I went to Gibraltar to visit my Sister, Adele (here, here and here), and my 2 year relationship came to an end...


I thought about getting a tattoo (I didn't by the way!), I focussed on what makes me happy, I rejoined Twitter, and hardly took any photos it seems!


I found the perfect hair straighteners, my Sister got engaged, I was looking for love, and found it :)



I picked up the keys to my house, got excited about Christmas, it snowed and caused great inconvenience just like last year, and a certain someone made me very happy.


I went to Paris and had an amazing time. I took a million photos and shared some here, here and here. I also got dressed up for a Christmas party and had a look back at my resolutions from last year.

I wonder what next year will hold...

Happy new year!


  1. Wow, you've had an eventful year. Your hair looks amazing blonde and brown, you're so lucky that you suit both. Hope you have an amazing 2011 - Happy New Year :) x

  2. This is a great post. Thank you for sharing so much, it was inspiring to have a look through. I'm relatively new to your blog but I look forward to reading all your posts in 2011 :)

  3. I love that you're willing to share so much of your life with the blogging world, and very glad you didn't decide to give up! Seems like you definitely finished 2010 on a high- hopefully 2011 will only get better!x

  4. oh such a lovely post, you've had a tough year but you've been an inspiration to us all. You got through it and come out all the much better for it in the end! x

  5. I absolutely loved this post. It's great looking back - can't believe you were blonde a year ago! xx

  6. Great posts a couple of down times but plenty of highlights and good times hope 2011 is amazing for you :)

  7. What a fabulous recap! So happy this has been a great year for you.
    Here's to an amazing 2011 x

  8. What a year you've been through! Great reflection and I look forward to see more of your adventures in 2011! All the best and Happy New Year =)

    Hannah xx

  9. aww that was such a lovely post, I really liked the way you linked back to all your old posts! You've changed so much! and I'm glad your happy, your blogs always been a great read :) Hope you have a great year! xxx

  10. oh my gosh! You came to Bradford! Ahahaha, I've sat in the same chair as you in little germany, I live here!
    Sorry, I always get a bit excited when I see my town on stuff. How strange! Did you shop in Saltaire or no? Rose and Brown is such a lovely vintage shop, did you get a chance to pop in?
    I love the pictures, this post is lovely!

  11. Ohh Victoria this was really lovely!!! All the best for 2011 :D xxx

  12. I loved this post, seeing into peoples lifes is one of my favourite parts of the blogging world :) all the best for 2011 <3 xx

  13. Aww, what a lovely way to look back on the year. I'm so glad everything has worked out in the end. Here's to an even better 2011!

  14. Aww, what a lovely way to look back on the year. I'm so glad everything has worked out in the end. Here's to an even better 2011!

  15. This was brilliant! What a great look back, must of taken you ages getting all those links!! Happy New Year xxx

  16. Aw this is such a good post - it sounds like you had some ups and downs but I'm so happy that everything is sorted for you! xxx

  17. 2010 looks like it really was such a busy year for you victoria. but through the up and downs... things look like theyre really looking great for you and that there is lots to smile about :) I love the story about how you got lily and lola <3 they are such wonderful wee girlies! xx

  18. Awww Victoria what a lovely little post, i'm so glad everything turned out well in the end. What a year hey, hope 2011 continues to be good for you xx

  19. loved reading this as i do your blog :) it's a true testament that everything (no matter how bad they seem) works out in the end :) xx

  20. Such a good idea to lay the whole year out.
    You seem sooo happy at the moment, hope it lasts :)

  21. I loved reading this :) Happy 2011 x

  22. a truly lovely post Victoria. I really enjoyed reading your highs (and lows) of 2010 and hope 2011 brings you much happiness and giggles xx

  23. Aww that was lovely reading over your take on 2010. I hope 2011 is wonderful for you :) xxx

  24. What a year you've had! Here's to a happier, more fabulous 2011. Happy New Year! x

  25. I hope 2011 is an easier year for you! I'm so glad everything worked out with moving out and finding love. Happy New Year! xx

  26. what a brilliant round up of the year post!! i don't think my year has been eventful enough to do that, but it looks like you have had an eventful year in both good and bad ways, so here's to a much happier 2011!! :)

  27. Ive just stumbled across your absolutely wonderful blog from sabrina over at a little bit obsessed. your posts are so inspiring, and ive really enjoyed reading your last couple of posts. i look forward to more and following your blog!
    Rachel. xx
    p.s. lily and lola are adorable - i now want a pug dog :D

  28. Aww, pugs on the stairs. It's like she's on the naughty step at the bottom. Bless... <3 x

    PS: Lily and Lola may join colormekatie's Moo as my favourite blogger pets. x x