Where I go you can be sure to find 2 Pugs not too far behind. This is their usual stance when I'm using the computer at Jonathan's house; snoozing at my feet.

Today I'm FINALLY going to watch the latest Harry Potter film at the cinema. I'm a huge HP fan and I normally go to the very first showing, so I'm not quite sure what has happened this time round. I think work, Christmas and the snow has got in the way a little bit.

I have added a 'like' button to the bottom of my blog posts after Lily shared the idea - it's great for the times when you don't have time to comment or you're not sure what to say. So if you like any of my blog posts feel free to hit that button :)


  1. Such cute pugs! :)
    I only saw HP on a couple of days ago and it was really good! I hope you enjoy the film! x

  2. Enjoy HP - I still haven't seen it yet and really hope I get a chance to before the cinemas stop showing it.

    Your pugs look cute as always! x

  3. aww do Lily & Lola go everywhere with you? My dogs get quite unsettled if they go somewhere new for some reason.

  4. @Helen - Yes of course, they go everywhere that I go :) x

  5. these two pugs are sooo cute! i wish i had two pugs following me!

  6. awwww there both sooo cute!

    what did u think of HP?