2011 will be the year I....


Make more time for blogging and bring back the Monday Summary!

Buy a Diana camera and learn how to use it.

Take knitting lessons, because I'm just too damn impatient to teach myself (again! because I could knit like a pro when I was 12).

Make more of an effort with friends, old and new.

Make time to read (and magazines don't count).

Try an exercise class.

Drink more water.

Run the Race for Life.

Maintain my current weight.

Get creative - whether it's making jewellery, knitting dog jumpers or making next year's Christmas cards.


  1. Reading more and exercising are in my resolutions too. I really hope you knit some doggy jumpers, I would love to see them!x

  2. Great resolutions! Good luck sticking to them and Happy New Year x

  3. Great set of resolutions and good luck with keeping them. My top 3 are 1. loose weight and be more active 2. refine my blogging style and make is as good as I possibly can 3. find a job

    Have a great evening and good luck in 2011 =)

    Hannah xx

  4. Good luck with your resolutions miss :) You are a determined wee soul, Im sure this time next year you will look back and will be able to tick all of them off your list! and if you need any Diana help, let me know :) xx

  5. Those are some great goals!
    I would like to have more success with my jewellery - more online sales and more sales in the shop my jewellery is stocked in, in York :) And I would love to do a craft fair or two, too!

  6. Have a lovely new year! These are really good, and thanks for reminding me that I need to get my Diana film printed. I want to be more creative too. xxx

  7. Good luck with your resolutions!

  8. Good luck with your resolutions. I have read more and run the race for life/excersise in mine too! Fingers crossed!

    Stacey xx

  9. Good luck with your resolutions - I've missed your Monday summaries! Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you :) x

  10. Looking forward to more blogging from you in 2011 :) Love the knitting one - I used to be able to knit when I was younger too; it was so relaxing haha! Happy New Year! x

  11. well these are some great resolutions!! good luck sticking with them (I know I never do that haha :p)
    awesome blog btw :)

    Happy New Year!



  12. I too am about to write a new year resolution's list on my blog post tonight! I love yours!



  13. I love resolution posts. Like many, I'm doing one as well - purely for the fact I can look back at it this time next year and see what i've achieved.