Christmas starts today.


Yesterday was a 'get organised' day and I can't tell you how good I feel for it. Last night I had the Pugs asleep at my feet, a cup of tea in hand, my favourite music playing, and lots of lovely blogs to read. I caught up on some of my favourites; rockstar diaries. My favourite blog.ever. Fellow Pug owner The August One. Daisy's blog, Cupcakes and Cherries, which made me feel all fluffy inside after reading her latest blog post. A little bit of Frassy. And because my Sister is getting married and planning weddings are so much fun I trawled the pages of Rock my Wedding.

I hope you like the new layout for Lily loves Lola. I liked my 3 column layout but I found when using computers with a smaller screen I had to scroll across to see the whole page, and with my OCD it drove me mad. So I've got a nice simple layout now which I'm really happy with. I hope you like!

Today Lily, Lola, Jonathan and I are going to my parents house for..... Christmas dinner! My Sister can't make it home from Gibraltar for Christmas this year but she is back this week so we're all getting together to have lots to eat and drink. Then on the 19 December I get Christmas dinner #2 before the real thing on Christmas Day. I've got a feeling I'm going to look like a stuffed Turkey by Boxing Day!

Thank you for all of your comments on this blog post. You have given me lots of great hotel suggestions for Paris and I'm extremely excited to get something booked! We're going for 3 or 4 nights so hopefully we will get to see and do lots. I'm lusting after a gorgeous new coat to wear but I can't find anything I like enough apart from a River Island number which is £75. Hmm, might have to ask for an early Christmas present ;)

 Currently listening to:

I get told I look like Ellie Goulding at least once a week (slight exaggeration, but I do get told a lot!) I really don't think I do though. Beautiful song! Her voice is lovely, so unique.

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday morning!

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  1. lucky you with two christmas dinners! :)
    and i love ellie goulding, you should listen to her version of be mine xxx

  2. :O I'm very jealous that you get to have Christmas dinner today and then another two! I am in love with that song at the moment. It's on repeat right now! x

  3. Lovely post and WOW to the Ellie Goulding song-you've just made me hop on to itunes and download it now! Hope you have a fab crimbo dinner :-) XX

  4. Love your Blog :)
    Give mine a looksee please, ive only done 2 posts but I will get more frequent :)
    lots of love
    jenn xx

  5. Yeah to 2 christmas dinners!
    I can see a resemblance between you and Ellie Goulding. Someone told me I looked like Amanda Holden last night, no similarities at all there!
    Enjoy Paris
    E x

  6. I've just realised why my followers have suddenly gone up! Thanks for the shout out lovely- glad you enjoyed the post :) I loved putting it together- it's made me want to watch lots of rom coms!

    ADORE that Ellie Goulding song! I just love her. x

  7. argh so jealous!
    christmas is my favourite day and you get to have two!
    hope it was amazing! x

  8. Hope you have a lovely dinner! I usually have two christmas dinners - both on christmas day (boyfriend's mum and my mum's!).
    I wrapped some presents yesterday so I'm starting to feel christmassy!
    Hope you get something sorted for Paris, I've wanted to go for ages so your post was helpful to me too, thanks!

  9. I love xmas dinner - the more you have the merrier I say :).

  10. Ooooh, Paris is such a wonderful city! I can't remember where we stayed but the city is so stunning, and so romantic. You will love it! x

  11. Aw that is such a lovely version! I work at Hereford lol :p


  12. Oh fun, have a good time at Christmas dinner! I'm starting to get in the holiday spirit myself..I'm excited to put up the tree and lights!

    Love having those "get organized" moods..they don't happen often enough for me. But it's great I do get in the mood, roughly 2x a year ;)

  13. I am glad you are getting things organized! I like the new look of your blog, very clean! I have been thinking that I need an update soon, but I don't know if I have the time right now.

    I can't wait to hear more details on your Paris trip!

  14. Enjoy Paris! Are you fitting in a Christmassy Disneyland day?!xx

  15. @Emily Charlotte - Ooh I don't know but that would be amazing wouldn't it! :D xx

  16. Love Ellie's version of the song and the advert its on too. Hope you enjoyed your dinner x

  17. For some reason that christmassy picture took me back to my childhood and I can't really think why! When I was about 10 years old I had a book that was A3 size and it was the story of santa claus but I loved it so much I used to trace the pictures with tracing paper, transfer them on to plain paper and copy word for word the story. I'm so sorry for my memory but you have really taken me back to my childhood. xx

  18. @Laura - That's really cool! Thanks for sharing! xx

  19. ellie goulding<3