Botanics Organic Hydrating Day Cream.


This is my current day cream of choice and having used it for a few weeks now I'm going to share a little review with you guys. First of all I haven't used many Botanics products before but it's a brand I have always liked the look of. The ingredients always sound very natural and wholesome, and Boots often have brands such as Botanics on a '3 for 2' offer which always catches my eye.

The Organic Hydrating Day Cream contains almond oil which sounds like it could be quite greasy on the skin, but it's not. You only need a little bit of this, as a little goes a long way. It is very hydrating so if you suffer from dry skin or skin that is suffering from the horrible cold weather this would be a suitable day cream to use.

I apply this all over my face and neck, wait about 15 minutes, then apply my makeup. It acts as a good makeup base once it has sunk in, even though it's quite a rich moisturiser.

At £7.49 it's a bit more expensive than some of the other lower priced brands out there but it's a good sized pot and you only need a small amount each day.


  1. I'm using this at the minute and love it so much - smells lovely and so, so moisturising. The Botanics range is really quite good xx

  2. I used to work for Boots and on a training course was told that some of the range uses the exact same ingredients as higher priced brands such as No7. The No7 Protect & Perfect serum is the EXACT SAME product as the Botanics serum only it is less than half the price, it is just repackaged!
    Botanics stuff is real nice xxxx

  3. I have just started using this and love it! it's 2 for £8.50 at the moment so really good value

  4. That sounds like the perfect solution to my endless skin issues.

  5. I have been using Botanics skincare range, not tried this moisturiser, sounds good :)

  6. sounds cool:)))))