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Snow day summary.

Today is a snow day for me. I've been stuck in Rotherham at Jonathan's house since I came over on Friday night because my diddy car isn't equipped to get me home. We set off to work this morning with another chap from our work to make the journey to Wakefield (about an hour away) and after several attempts to get up a hill, down an icy street, and round a slippy bend we decided to head home. The snow got heavier and we were glad to get home and get the kettle on!

I can't take the Pugs for a walk because the snow is deeper than their legs are long! I've perched their bed next to my feet by the radiator in an attempt to warm them up. I'm sat in a massive hoodie and a big woolly scarf and so far today I've had 4 cups of piping hot tea. Go away snow! I would rather be at work! Hopefully tomorrow's attempt to get there will be more successful.

To cheer me up, and because I've not done one for a while, here are my 5 good things:

1. A week on Thursday we're going to Paris for 4 nights! (weather permitting, of course). I'm so excited! Let's just hope the runway is clear enough to take off! :)

2. I made a start on my Crimbo shopping at the weekend, plus I did a little bit online too. I just need some pretty wrapping paper and a few other bits then I'm done. I love Christmas shopping - not so keen on the crowds though.

3. I have a big toffee cheesecake in the fridge, with my name on it.

4. Things are still going wonderfully well with Jonathan and it's fair to say I'm a very happy lady.

5. Tomorrow is 1 December which means Christmas is almost here!! Well, it means you can start opening your advent calendar (mine is a Peppa Pig one) so the countdown can begin at least!

Christmas party.


I have been completely organised this year and as soon as there was talk at work of our Christmas party back in October I went on a dress hunt to find something sparkly and special. I managed to find a gorgeous dress on the Warehouse website (they only had my size left, and there was £30 off!) so I snapped it up and it arrived a few days later. It fits perfectly and is really pretty. It's a maxi dress in a pale goldy pink colour with some beading and jewels around the top. Our theme is 'masquerade' so I just need a little mask to finish things off. I didn't fancy going for the big poofy ball gown angle, as maxi dresses look much better on me and hopefully I'll have an occasion to wear it again!

I have my hair straight for work every day (because it is naturally as poker straight as hair gets!) or tied up in a ponytail, so for the Christmas party I want lots of volume and big loose curls, a la Cheryl Cole.

I realise some good curling tongs and perhaps some fake hair would be in order to achieve this, but it looks lovely. Can anyone recommend some good tongs?

I also adore Miss Cole's (or is it back to Tweedy now?) makeup in the first picture and may have a test run at a nice dark smokey eye.

Roll on the Crimbo party!

Botanics Organic Hydrating Day Cream.


This is my current day cream of choice and having used it for a few weeks now I'm going to share a little review with you guys. First of all I haven't used many Botanics products before but it's a brand I have always liked the look of. The ingredients always sound very natural and wholesome, and Boots often have brands such as Botanics on a '3 for 2' offer which always catches my eye.

The Organic Hydrating Day Cream contains almond oil which sounds like it could be quite greasy on the skin, but it's not. You only need a little bit of this, as a little goes a long way. It is very hydrating so if you suffer from dry skin or skin that is suffering from the horrible cold weather this would be a suitable day cream to use.

I apply this all over my face and neck, wait about 15 minutes, then apply my makeup. It acts as a good makeup base once it has sunk in, even though it's quite a rich moisturiser.

At £7.49 it's a bit more expensive than some of the other lower priced brands out there but it's a good sized pot and you only need a small amount each day.

The world's like a Science & I'm like a secret.

Bah humbug.

I'm sorry snow lovers but I officially hate the stuff! I drive a ridiculous car (say hello to my new little Smart car by the way!) which, if it's anything like my last one, will be rubbish in the snow. Luckily I drove over to Jonathan's house last night instead of this morning. Good call! It started snowing heavily at about 11pm last night and it has well and truly settled. My car will be staying put until the little side roads have melted a bit.

I may need to invest in some dog booties.. Lily and Lola can't bear to walk on the snow. It makes their little tootsies freezing cold. They're snug as a bug pug on a rug now though.

Today we are going to make a beef stew, watch some Christmas films (Elf!), drink cups of tea followed by wine later, and snuggle under a duvet. Then copious amounts of biscuits will be consumed.

What are your plans for today? Any snow where you are? Love it or loathe it?

Recent happenings in picture form.


The most amazing cupcakes:

Make some room for me girls:

My boyfriend ♥

Re-watching old HPs:

New house (my little book/trinket corner):

Catching up with friends:

Sloppy G:

DKNY Be Delicious perfume giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

I have reviewed this perfume with my own fair nostrils and I am pleased to be able to give one lucky lady the chance to have a 30ml bottle of Eau de Toilette Spray. You can never have too many bottles of perfume that's what I say!

All you have to do is visit the DKNY Facebook page and leave a comment on this post telling me what (or who) you find delicious! I will pick a winner using after the contest has closed at midnight on Wednesday 15 December 2010.

Good luck!

Current obsession:


Dotty K jewellery


When an email landed in my inbox about Dotty K jewellery I just knew I would love every single item after seeing a sneak preview of some of the items. Dotty K makes feminine and vintage inspired pieces with semi-precious stones and gold mesh bows, ranging in price from £40 to £400. The link above takes you straight to the website where you can peruse pretty, girly bracelets, rings and necklaces to your heart's content!

The gold mesh bow bracelets are particularly beautiful. If anyone would like to buy me an early Christmas present you can't go far wrong with either of these...

Any takers? ;)

I'm gunna get the best & lock it up & swallow the key.


DKNY: Be Delicious perfume

DKNY is celebrating the 5th birthday of their fruit fragrance, Be Delicious, and as part of the celebrations I have been given the chance to try the perfume out for myself. I love trying new perfumes (although I do have firm favourites in Vera Wang - Princess and Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb) so I jumped at the chance to get involved.

This is the first DKNY perfume I have ever used, or indeed ever smelt before, and I wasn't sure what to expect. This perfume has top notes of apple, cucumber and grapefruit, middle notes of magnolia, tuberose, white muguet, rose and violet, and base notes of sandalwood and white amber. Sounds yummy right?

It's an incredibly fruity fragrance and very different to anything I've worn before. I like it because the smell lasts. Some perfumes seem to disappear on me and I like to be able to smell my perfume throughout the day, otherwise surely what's the point! This has great staying power.

I'm not sure I would repurchase this because I tend to go for really sweet perfumes. However, it is very reasonably priced compared to my favourite, Flowerbomb, which is around £45 for the smallest size. Be Delicious can be picked up from places like Boots for £27 for 30ml.

Christmas starts today.


Yesterday was a 'get organised' day and I can't tell you how good I feel for it. Last night I had the Pugs asleep at my feet, a cup of tea in hand, my favourite music playing, and lots of lovely blogs to read. I caught up on some of my favourites; rockstar diaries. My favourite blog.ever. Fellow Pug owner The August One. Daisy's blog, Cupcakes and Cherries, which made me feel all fluffy inside after reading her latest blog post. A little bit of Frassy. And because my Sister is getting married and planning weddings are so much fun I trawled the pages of Rock my Wedding.

I hope you like the new layout for Lily loves Lola. I liked my 3 column layout but I found when using computers with a smaller screen I had to scroll across to see the whole page, and with my OCD it drove me mad. So I've got a nice simple layout now which I'm really happy with. I hope you like!

Today Lily, Lola, Jonathan and I are going to my parents house for..... Christmas dinner! My Sister can't make it home from Gibraltar for Christmas this year but she is back this week so we're all getting together to have lots to eat and drink. Then on the 19 December I get Christmas dinner #2 before the real thing on Christmas Day. I've got a feeling I'm going to look like a stuffed Turkey by Boxing Day!

Thank you for all of your comments on this blog post. You have given me lots of great hotel suggestions for Paris and I'm extremely excited to get something booked! We're going for 3 or 4 nights so hopefully we will get to see and do lots. I'm lusting after a gorgeous new coat to wear but I can't find anything I like enough apart from a River Island number which is £75. Hmm, might have to ask for an early Christmas present ;)

 Currently listening to:

I get told I look like Ellie Goulding at least once a week (slight exaggeration, but I do get told a lot!) I really don't think I do though. Beautiful song! Her voice is lovely, so unique.

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday morning!

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No7 Protect & Perfect series: Day Cream & Night Cream


A few months ago I was sent some products from the Protect & Perfect range by No7 (which can be purchased at Boots) and I was incredibly excited to try out the products having used several tubes of the Beauty Serum in the past.

My Mum was on the hunt for a day cream at the time so I (like the kind daughter I am) said my Mum could test the day cream and I would try out the night cream.

First things first, I ADORE the night cream. At £21.50 for a tub this is definitely worth every penny and is something I would repurchase time and time again. Why? Because it is fabulous. Within days of smoothing onto my skin every night before bed I had noticeably smoother, clearer and softer skin. I love the feel of the cream and I like that it's not too heavy like some night creams can be. I will continue to use this every night without fail especially as my 26th birthday draws closer!

Here's Mrs Jackson's take on the day cream:

I have just finished a pot of No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream and thought I would share my thoughts.
This cream goes on smoothly; a little goes a long way. It sinks in easily and has a lovely, light smell. I think if you are under 45 years with a normal to slightly drier skin this day cream would be a good buy.

I'm 50+ with skin which is fairly dry. I like my day cream to 'sit' slightly on the skin after application because my foundation goes on better. If you are like me, out of the 2 No7 day creams I have tried, I would definitely recommend No7s Lift & Luminate (review here).

Thanks Mum!


My task for the afternoon is to drink plenty of tea, catch up on blogging, listen to She & Him and most importantly price up a trip to Paris. This is where I need your help - have any of my lovely blog readers been before? I need recommendations of lovely places to stay. It's only a few weeks away when we'd like to go so I need to get a wiggle on! We both had a look a few weeks ago but there's so many places to choose from. It's hard to pick the right area, etc.

I'd love to hear your suggestions/recommendations!

Thank you! x x

Works with Water/Bedcrumb.


Works with Water Nutraceuticals has teamed up with young boutique fashion brand Bedcrumb, as part of the company's new initiative to support young talent.

Bedcrumb owner Heidi Cannon has designed a limited edition purse exclusively for Works with Water Nutraceuticals, which will be a free gift-with-purchase with every sale of a month's pack of help: clear skin spot treatment from 12 October 2010.

Decorated with unique, quirky illustration, the purse is fully lined and is decorated with a pink ribbon and contrasting bead zip pull. It's perfect for holding all of your girlie essentials - including your sachets of help: clear skin, for skin care on-the-go.

help: clear skin is a 100% natural and clinically proven skin supplement that helps to clear acne, spots and blemishes within 6 weeks. The soluble formula can simply be added to your favourite soft drink and taken twice a day for best results.

I am busy testing these sachets out on my quest for clear skin, but due to the fact I'm rubbish at remembering to take them I can't do my review yet. I suppose this is one of the drawbacks of a product like this - you need to make sure you keep them with you and stick to taking two a day otherwise you can't gauge the results accurately enough.

I hope to report back to you very soon!



Lily (left) Lola (right)

Pug update:

L & L are settling into their new lives well. They have a lovely new little house to run around in. I work very close by so I can spend every lunchtime with them and wake them up to make them have a wee out in the cold. 

They have terribly bad breath at the moment and I had fun and games trying to brush their teeth the other night. They weren't keen on their poultry flavoured doggy toothpaste! 

They hate the cold weather and walking them is no mean feat! It must be time to dig out their Winter jumpers!

Dear Blogger,

You suck.

Why won't you let me upload photos without turning them upside down?

Lovely readers, Project 365 is on pause until Blogger will cooperate with my photo uploading!


Yours sincerely,

Victoria x x x

My favourite song. Ever.



I used to be so musical - guitar, keyboard, percussion, choir(!) - but as I got older I gave up and of course now completely regret it! So, with the help of you tube and the t'internet I am attempting to teach myself. It should be interesting considering I have little patience.

Can you play? If so I am massively jealous. I need a teacher who doesn't mind being paid in cups of tea and biscuits!

Bath time.


Lily and Lola were, to put it politely, a little bit smelly at the weekend so that could mean only one thing - bath time! They were very well behaved when I popped them in the bath but bless them, they didn't like it one bit.

Afterwards they got into bed by the radiator and I popped a little blanket over them to keep them warm. Don't want them catching a cold now do I! :)

Keep calm and carry on.


I picked up the keys to my house today! This week is going to mainly involve driving back and forth across Leeds, unpacking boxes and impromtu trips to Ikea for supplies! Jonathan is going to help me which is super kind of him, so there will be cups of tea and biscuits aplenty along the way I'm sure. He likes tea even more than I do!

I am using tonight to catch up on things before the week takes off; I have got a Project 365 to catch up on and thanks to Jen I'm lusting after everything on the Bloomsbury & Co website. I need a Marmite sandwich box in my life.

Before I forget, I need to announce the winner of week 4 of my Boots contest. Congrats to pearlstearoses for winning the final hamper set! Please send me your details. I have also picked one person at random from all of the comments on all 4 posts and this lucky person has won a Boots Smooth Skin machine..... well done Jade! You lucky lady. Email me your details!

Thank you for all of your entries over the past 4 weeks - if you didn't win I wish you lots of luck for next time!