Smile - it's Friday!


Plans for the weekend:

1) To get my hair cut or at the very least get my fringe sorted. It is a mess and my fringe has now grown out enough to do something with!

2) Sleep. I am so tired. Too many late nights during the week!

3) Sofa browsing. I need to find a little sofa for when I move and Ikea have some lovely ones. You can't go wrong with Ikea for the price! Perfect for someone like me starting out on their own :) I also need a bed, fridge, washing machine, kettle......

4) Jogging. I am going to dust off my trainers and go for a run. I did it so much in the run up to Race for Life and I miss it! I have lost a bit of weight recently and I want to tone up a bit and feel fitter. Fingers crossed the weather improves!

5) Movies. I am going to have a complete film fest!

P.S. Congratulations to Gem and M for winning my Funk Rock giveaway. Check your emails ladies!


  1. Glad youre keeping busy busy girlie :) Hope you have an awesome weekend! xx

  2. Enjoy your weekend! Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy x

  3. Sounds a fab weekend chick...have fun xx

  4. Ooo, I wouldn't change a thing on that list! Those are all things I would love to do this weekend, too! :)

  5. Not sure is you have seen this but I saw it and immediately thought of's even called lily how cute

  6. @Claire - Ahh how adorable! I bet they would love to cuddle up with one of those :) xx

  7. Hope you had a fun weekend! I am so wanting to have a film fest!