Urban Pup - tees and tiaras!


If you own a cute little critter and you haven't heard of Urban Pup I just know you will love it! It has the cutest collection of tees, jumpers, jackets, collars and more for your pampered pooches! I particularly love the personalised collars and the geeky knitted sweaters; perfect for the colder months ahead. I could easily spend a fortune on bits and pieces for the Pugs. Bruiser's outfit from Legally Blonde is particularly adorable!

The people at Urban Pup were kind enough to send Lily and Lola some little tees and they have modelled them ever so beautifully for you. The "I'm the boss of you" tee was made for Lola!

All tees - £12.95

I think I may treat them to a personalised collar each - they would look bling-tastic! I know some people may think putting dogs in clothes is silly, but genuinely my 2 little ones get so cold in the Winter and when we had the bad snow last Winter Lola would have little fits from the cold so I had to be really careful. So wrapping them up in a sweater or a tshirt helps to keep their chunky bodies warm and hopefully stops them feeling the cold so much. Plus they look damn cute, if I do say so myself!

Strike a pose girls!


  1. Those are the cutest tees for dogs I've ever seen! Lily and Lola are such great models - Pugs are so cute xx

  2. too cute for words! :) x

  3. Strike a pose girls! Aww they are too cute! My dogs would never let me dress them :) xx

  4. hahaha that is amazing and so adorable!! I love it! xx

  5. They're ridiculously cute!
    I might get the 'I'm the boss' one for my boyfriend's parents dog for Christmas if she's lucky!

  6. ahh so cute! my pepe & nina really hate wearing their little coats in the winter though.

  7. Haha awww they look like little superstars! :) I bet they loved modelling them for you. Super, super cute xx

  8. They look absolutely fabulous! Glamour doggies! x

  9. aww
    I Love Urban pup i bought my pug Obi his own 'team edward' hoodie with sparkly lettering!
    he loves it so much and gets excited when i pull it out for him to wear hehe xxx