Product rave: The Cloud Nine Iron


From the title you can see this is going to be a complete RAVE! I simply adore this product and I can't wait to share this post with you ladies. You may have come across these before in other blog posts, or this may be a new product to you; either way I hope you find my review helpful!

The product in question is by Cloud Nine and it's the Original Straightening Iron. They came beautifully presented in sleek, sophisticated packaging. I wanted to keep them in the box forever because it made them feel even more special (yes I am sad!)

Shall we take a closer look?

Who are Cloud Nine?
We're the founders of ghd, and we've united with Unil Electronics, the inventors of the original ghd iron. Having walked away from that brand in 2006, we're back with a styling solution that hasn't just moved with the times, but is ahead of the times. We've created an iron packed with innovative technology. An iron so clever, it opens up a world of exciting new styling opportunities.

Packaging is important but what about the product itself? In a sentence, I think these straighteners are amazing! I have always been a ghd girl at heart - my trusty ghds did me proud for several years and I didn't think anything else would ever come close. I tried other brands along the way but nothing gave me the finish I desired.

There are several amazing features with the Cloud Nine irons:
* Dual adaptor/Universal voltage - perfect for taking on holiday and not having to worry about an adaptor plug or lack of power.
* Hibernation mode - we've all done it; left the house and forgotten whether we've turned the damn things off! Now you don't need to worry. After 30 minutes of not being used the irons will cool down to 'box temperature'.
* Temperature control panel - YOU choose the temperature depending on the style you want to create. It's super easy to increase or decrease the temperature as you go.
* Swivel cord - no more getting tangled up in the cord.

Included in the box is a heat guard so you don't need to worry about burning a hole in your carpet, or if you're like me, resting them up against a bottle of fake tan and melting a hole straight through!

Aside from all of the brilliant features, these irons give a sleek, smooth, shiny finish to my hair. See!

This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes but I have tested them out with an honest and throrough approach. The Original Irons are priced at £129.95 here, and you can snap up a free bottle of St Tropez if you order now! They come with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. I am converted!


  1. how amazing! :) I've been looking for a perfect straightener think i may look into these :D thanks! xxx

  2. Your hair look so silk!Thanks for the review hun!!

  3. I've seen so many great reviews about these, and I broke my straighteners last week, so I may have to look into these! Thanks for the review sweet! xxx

  4. Ooh that sounds amazing! They look lovely too! Great post :) xxx

  5. Aw, you hair looks great. I'm a sucker for keeping things in boxes. Free St. Tropez too.. *looks at bank balance*.

    Emma x

  6. oh em gee.
    i really think theese will end up being my christmas prezzie!

  7. Aw you're hair looks so gorgeous!! x

  8. Your hair looks silky smooth in these pictures Victoria :).
    The Cloud Nines look heavenly, and definitely sound it too, they are on my wishlist!

  9. I got a pair of the wide Cloud Nines for my birthday and I love them. I keep meaning to blog about them. I do still love my GHD's when I am only doing small pieces of my hair.
    I understand the box comment, I only just binned mine as I kept it for months.
    E x

  10. Want, want, want! Your hair looks insanely healthy, glossy and gorgeous!


  11. Your hair looks amazing, I reaaaallly want these! x

  12. Truly, how has o-one ever thought of the adaptor issue before? Genius. I'll be investing!

    xxx Maddie

  13. Your hair looks stunning - could I be converted too?! I love my ghds but they're looking a little past it. These sound amazing! x

  14. I love the look of these, my straightners gave up this morning and I'm deciding whether to invest.
    Unless the lovely people at Cloud Nine wish to give me some to review and rave about. You can do so much with them!!


  15. These are on my 'definately to try when I have some money' list!!

  16. I could definitely be tempted by these. The dual adaptor/ universal voltage is such a good selling point, my GHDs definitely didn't work as well as usual in America.

  17. Your hair looks wonderful! I must admit I haven't used straightening irons before (aside from for dance shows) - but every now and again I would like super sleek hair, so perhaps these will be a future investment!