Project 365 - week two


8. Working hard(ly)

9. Getting nowhere fast

10. Lola leads the way

11. Beer solves everything

12. Chilli Chihuahua

13. Boy stuff

14. End of the road

Monday summary


Hello lovelies. How are you? My weekend has been hectic! After a lot of "yes I found a place" and "no I haven't" (I like to leave things till the last minute obviously!) I moved back in with my parents so that I can save up a little bit of money. Then hopefully I'll be in a better position to move on by myself soon (with Lily and Lola of course!)

I am living out of boxes and my things are everywhere, and it is honestly making me feel very sad indeed. I just want to unpack and make myself at home, and not being able to do that is rubbish. Not knowing what is round the corner is quite scary. It has been a funny old couple of months that's for sure!

I have some good things to cheer me up though! 5 to be exact!

1) Tabitha wrote a blog post about little old me and it is just wonderful! She is really kind about my blog and she has put lots of effort into finding the pictures and typing up my answers. Thank you Tabitha! Go say hello everyone :)

2) Lots of you commented on the Coconut M&Ms in my last post - and I'm sorry to say ladies they were kindly sent to me by Sarah from across the pond! She has been an absolute doll and sent me a little package full of them, and I can confirm they are delicious! Thank you Sarah. You're a star!

3) I finally saw Inception! Can I get a cheer? After weeks and weeks of wanting to go I finally went last week. I enjoyed it but I was extremely confused. It doesn't take much though!

4) I'm going out for tapas tomorrow night. You can't beat tapas and a glass of sangria to make everything ok.

5) I met someone.. and he is wonderful.. :)

Project 365 - week one


1. Stormy skies

2. Pug on my head

3. Shopping

4. LOLz

5. Sisterly love

6. Feast

7. Tired (but happy)

Next: Pop Up Shop


When Next contacted me and asked if I'd like to get my very own 'pop up shop' for my blog I said "yes please!" I love Next and recently I have been popping in quite a lot to check out their cute tops and such! Taking part in this has only made me want to own a million more things from there!

This blog post is all in aid of Next launching their new A/W collection, and I'm going to share with you my top 4 picks!

I love this outfit - pink, girly and cute! The skirt is just beautiful!

How perfect is this outfit! I am desperate for a flying jacket and this one is beautiful.

This is a gorgeous work outfit - the right combination of smart and casual.

This jumper is on my wishlist - I adore the fluffy shoulders!

Which outfit do you like best? I think my favourite is the second picture because I just love the flying jacket  and the pairing with the intricate skirt and the chunky boots.

Finally, here's my pop up shop! As you can see, I clearly like browny green and neutral colours, with a dash of baby pink for good measure. I never realised I was so adverse to colour until now! I am really surprised by the prices of the items that I love - totally within my sort of budget and really good quality to boot! Talking of boots, I've also got my eye on those chunky lace ups!

Happy shopping!

365 Project


After a catch-up reading session on fellow Pug owner Caitlin's blog, The August One, I spotted something she is doing called the 365 Project. I love this idea! You take 1 photo every day for 1 year and you can upload your photos to the website and follow fellow 365 Projecters! Caitlin, hope you don't mind me copying :)

I am going to give this a go, starting tomorrow. I can't promise how I'll get on but I imagine it will be fun thinking up what to take pictures of. I desperately wish I had a Diana camera to take my snaps with. I'll do a post next Sunday with my first 7 photos!

Urban Pup - tees and tiaras!

If you own a cute little critter and you haven't heard of Urban Pup I just know you will love it! It has the cutest collection of tees, jumpers, jackets, collars and more for your pampered pooches! I particularly love the personalised collars and the geeky knitted sweaters; perfect for the colder months ahead. I could easily spend a fortune on bits and pieces for the Pugs. Bruiser's outfit from Legally Blonde is particularly adorable!

The people at Urban Pup were kind enough to send Lily and Lola some little tees and they have modelled them ever so beautifully for you. The "I'm the boss of you" tee was made for Lola!

All tees - £12.95

I think I may treat them to a personalised collar each - they would look bling-tastic! I know some people may think putting dogs in clothes is silly, but genuinely my 2 little ones get so cold in the Winter and when we had the bad snow last Winter Lola would have little fits from the cold so I had to be really careful. So wrapping them up in a sweater or a tshirt helps to keep their chunky bodies warm and hopefully stops them feeling the cold so much. Plus they look damn cute, if I do say so myself!

Strike a pose girls!

Funk Rock Giveaway! (International) - NOW CLOSED


Lily loves Lola is pleased to hold another fabulous giveaway and as usual the rules are super simple so keep on reading!

There will be 2 winners and each of you will win a lovely piece of clothing from Funk Rock. Funk Rock is a really pretty website featuring lots of girly dresses, tops, skirts and accessories. The prices are really reasonable especially the Sale section, and features brands such as Motel and Irregular Choice.

Prize number 1 is the 'Nikita' dress by Lovestruck (size S/M) in black. It has a lovely pearl detail round the neckline and a detachable belt so you have to option to cinch the top in or keep it loose and floaty.

The second prize is a ruffle tutu skirt by FunkRock (S/M)

To enter all you need to do is visit the Funk Rock website and tell me your favourite item/s. This giveaway is for Lily loves Lola subscribers only, new and old.

This giveaway will run until midnight on 25 September 2010 and I'll pick 2 winners at random using If your email address isn't on your blog or Blogger profile page then please leave that with your comment - that way I can notify you that you won!

Thanks ladies! Good luck!



I suddenly have the desire to visit Paris....

Not sure why!

Monday summary


Hello! Monday again. Did you have a good weekend?

1) Doesn't my hair look shiny in these pictures?! I am loving it! My blonde hair was never shiny but my brunette locks look great in photos! Also isn't my owl top cute - I wear it to death!

2) I have upgraded my phone to an iPhone 4 and I am so unbelievably excited for its arrival tomorrow! Having internet again will be fab. I can't wait to play around with it! They're sending me a txt in the morning with an estimated delivery time so fingers crossed it's around lunchtime. I'm so impatient - I don't want to have to drive to the depot! If you have an iPhone 4 do you love it? I want to get a really pretty cover for it :)

3) I have a really cool giveaway coming up on Lily loves Lola this week - stay tuned!

4) 2 weeks today I will be moving! Where to!? I still don't know! I have a viewing on Wednesday, and another possibility, but no definite place. I must like to live on the edge! :) It's exciting to think I have got a fresh start but I really hope to find a little place this week.

5) Did I mention I'm getting an iPhone 4? Argh I am so excited! I have never had a 'cool' phone!

What are your 5 good things this week?

It's tough to be a Pug


Pugs really are the cuddliest little creatures ever. Lily and Lola love to snuggle with each other, me, and anyone who will sit still for long enough! Lily loves to climb up onto my Mum's sofa and join Chilli the Chihuahua for a nosy out of the window and a snooze. Chilli never seems to be happy about sharing his special spot, but he doesn't have much choice :)

It must be tiring being so cute and smooshy-faced all the time! Lily and Lola are also very greedy. They will do just about anything for a treat. They will even hold still for a photo if a dog biscuit is the reward!

"Come on Mummy, I'm hungry!!"

I want love but it's impossible.

Wedding bells


This is just a little post to say congratulations to my big Sis, Adele, and her boyfriend Steve, or should I say fiance! They just got back from a week in Las Vegas and after 4 years together Steve popped the question. I'm really pleased for them both - I just know they'll be very happy together. Have a peek at her sparkler! The lucky thing. A Tiffany engagement ring is my dream!

All this talk of weddings got me and my Mum chatting about her wedding in the 70s. I love this old photo of my parents outside the Church - it was 17 April 1976. I totally wish my Mum still had her dress and ear pom-poms, but she gave them to charity a couple of years ago! :(

Love you Mum and Dad!

Product rave: The Cloud Nine Iron


From the title you can see this is going to be a complete RAVE! I simply adore this product and I can't wait to share this post with you ladies. You may have come across these before in other blog posts, or this may be a new product to you; either way I hope you find my review helpful!

The product in question is by Cloud Nine and it's the Original Straightening Iron. They came beautifully presented in sleek, sophisticated packaging. I wanted to keep them in the box forever because it made them feel even more special (yes I am sad!)

Shall we take a closer look?

Who are Cloud Nine?
We're the founders of ghd, and we've united with Unil Electronics, the inventors of the original ghd iron. Having walked away from that brand in 2006, we're back with a styling solution that hasn't just moved with the times, but is ahead of the times. We've created an iron packed with innovative technology. An iron so clever, it opens up a world of exciting new styling opportunities.

Packaging is important but what about the product itself? In a sentence, I think these straighteners are amazing! I have always been a ghd girl at heart - my trusty ghds did me proud for several years and I didn't think anything else would ever come close. I tried other brands along the way but nothing gave me the finish I desired.

There are several amazing features with the Cloud Nine irons:
* Dual adaptor/Universal voltage - perfect for taking on holiday and not having to worry about an adaptor plug or lack of power.
* Hibernation mode - we've all done it; left the house and forgotten whether we've turned the damn things off! Now you don't need to worry. After 30 minutes of not being used the irons will cool down to 'box temperature'.
* Temperature control panel - YOU choose the temperature depending on the style you want to create. It's super easy to increase or decrease the temperature as you go.
* Swivel cord - no more getting tangled up in the cord.

Included in the box is a heat guard so you don't need to worry about burning a hole in your carpet, or if you're like me, resting them up against a bottle of fake tan and melting a hole straight through!

Aside from all of the brilliant features, these irons give a sleek, smooth, shiny finish to my hair. See!

This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes but I have tested them out with an honest and throrough approach. The Original Irons are priced at £129.95 here, and you can snap up a free bottle of St Tropez if you order now! They come with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. I am converted!