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Evening all. Monday again! Where is 2010 going!? First things first, go visit Phoebe who did a '5 good things' post today. She is a lovely blogger - in real life and in blogging land!

I have been a little ball of horrible today. I have had a lot on my mind over the weekend. Andrew moved out yesterday and I'll be staying in the house by myself for the next 5 weeks, so last night I was a little bit lonely in a big ol' house rattling around by myself. Also in the next couple of weeks I'm covering 2 other people's jobs, and even though I love my job, I know it's going to take all of my concentration up over the next few weeks, so I am trying to prepare myself and do the best I can. My 6 month probation date is coming up and I want to pass with flying colours!

My 5 good things:

1) I have got the afternoon off tomorrow so at 12.30 I'll be heading home and then meeting my Sister to do a spot of shopping and girly activities. Then the parentals, my Sister and I are going out for tea. Tapas! Yum. A little break from work and a yummy tea should put me back in a good mood.

2) Lots and lots of things and products to blog about - I just need to find time to type! Oh and somehow fix the problem of impending internet-less-ness!

3) Music. Currently reliving my younger days with a spot of Alanis Morissette.

4) I got asked by a stranger in the post room today if I was at my first job. Errrrm, no. I'm 25! I have been working full time since I was 18! hehe :)

5) Support from my blog friends. Seriously, you guys are fab! Your little messages on Facebook and your comments on my blog put a cheesy grin on my face.

Randomness in the form of pretty pictures? Yes please.
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  1. People think im 18 too! Rather look younger than older! :)


  2. Hey sugar
    I was just reading your monday weekly update, which I definitely DON"T DO every Monday evening without fail (ahem stalker much?!!) hehe, and anyway, I saw my little blog in your current fav reads! :)
    I am truly touched. Thank you sweetpea!
    Means a lot.
    I hope you have a lovely half day tomorrow with the sis and ma and pa. Tapas and laughter will hopefully propel you into a happier place for a while :)
    x x x x x

  3. Thanks for the mention :)

    If I can't find time to blog often, I take a few hours out when I can and schedule as many posts as possible, it's great coming back to the computer and realising it's gone up, then reading all the feedback :)

    Good luck with the move when it comes!

  4. I LOVE Alanis Morrisette! She played V Festival a few years ago and I was gutted I couldn't go.

    Oooh, new beginnings for you then lovely - be strong, you can do it! x

  5. Great post as always hun. Hope you start feeling perkier soon! xxx

  6. Fabulous post! Can't believe you're 25 - you don't look you age one bit!! Can you post more pictures or posts of your 2 super adorable pugs, Lily & Lola? They're too cute!

  7. I love these Monday updates.
    And I love you saying little ball of horrible. Great little phrase. Hope you feel better soon, it's all change for you at the moment but sure you'll come out of it better and stronger. :)


  8. I love music that reminds you of the past! I often get asked by annoying sales people that knock on the door if my Mum or Dad is in!

  9. I love the song Ironic, I listen to it and it really means something.
    You know we are always here for you and love your blog lots :)
    I need a trip to weheartit now, Its been a while, lol
    loves xxx

  10. @Milly - You're totally welcome, your blog is a super read! xx

  11. @Phoebe - I do that too but sometimes an idea pops in my head and I think ooohh need to blog NOW! lol. xx

  12. @libbeh - You are too sweet :) Yes more puggy pics coming very soon! xx