Eyeko: Saucy Polish


I must say I wasn't looking forward to trying Saucy Polish which was sent to me along with Rain Polish. Reds aren't usually my thing but as I'm always up for being a guinea pig I gave it a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised! It's actually a lot nicer on the nails than in the bottle.

The only downside to this particular polish, which I have not experienced with most of the others, is that it chipped pretty much straight away and continued to chip until it didn't look so pretty. So I removed it, and due to my lack of base coat (lazy nail painter) I was left with slightly red nails underneath.

But as reds go, this one is lovely!

Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website (don't forget to enter my code, E8761, at the checkout for a free gift!)


  1. I always save red nails for Winter for some reason but that shade is actually really nice I think it works as a Summer polish xx

  2. This is a lovely red, and the name is perfect - it reminds me of ketchup!

  3. thats a gorgeous colour :) xx

  4. LOVE that colour!xx


  5. Hmmm. You can get pretty much the same colour with Essie's Red Nouveau, and it's pretty chip resistant. More expensive, of course, but I reckon it's worth paying for a polish that lasts, no?