Eyeko: Chi Chi Polish & Punk Polish


When a little package popped through my letterbox last week I was intrigued - I wasn't expecting anything! Lucky old me had been sent 2 new polishes from Eyeko - Chi Chi Polish (for girlie nails) and Punk Polish (for neon nails). I adore Eyeko polishes so I tested them out straight away. On Friday I sported neon nails at work and today I've been sporting glittery 'Chi Chi' nails!

As you can see, both polishes are very pretty! Chi Chi is a pretty, glittery pink - packed full of glitter so your nails get good coverage. Punk Polish is SO bright. I officially love it! One or two coats is all you need for a fierce pop of colour.

I'll be showcasing pink nails for some time to come me thinks! I really do rate the quality and colour range of Eyeko polishes. When I want to paint my nails I constantly reach for one of my many polishes from the range.

Pop along to the Eyeko website for a peek at these new polishes, and all of the other pretty colours. And don't forget to use my code E8761 at the checkout to receive a free gift!


  1. They look lovely, I love the Chi Chi one although I bet its hard to get off!

  2. I can't wait to receive Punk in the mail! That looks like my perfect pink polish...I love neon pink! :D

  3. Punk is such a gorgeous colour, and I really love that it dries to a semi-matte finish also! Chi Chi is gorgeous too but I have issues with removing glitter polishes aha. xx

  4. is that last one matte? looks pretty!

  5. Punk looks so pretty! I'm also loving the look of Chi Chi :)

  6. Not too keen on chichi polish, but Punk polish is RIGHT up my street!