10 things that make me happy


I have been tagged by the beautiful Onyx to do the '10 things that make me happy' tag. I like these tags; they're fun to do and you can learn about your fellow bloggers a little bit too. If you fancy doing the tag go for it! Be sure to let me know the link if you do.

(All photos have been lovingly borrowed from www.weheartit.com)

1. Pugs
My Pugs, other people's Pugs, I love them! They're so cute. If I had £1 for every person who told me they're "yappy", "ugly" or "horrible little things" I would be a millionaire. I won't deny, they're a bit yappy but they're adorable! Loving, loyal, intelligent, Lily and Lola are my best friends!

2. My family.
Self explanatory! 

3. Tea. 
I go through cups upon cups of milky tea day in day out. If I don't have it, my head hurts. I can't start the day without it! I'm officially addicted to tea. I'm also partial to a bit of camomile tea. Perfect for wind-down time before bed.

4. My blog. 
I have been blogging a year now and I can't imagine life before Lily loves Lola was invented! I can't go anywhere without my camera now, I have received some wonderful products that I wouldn't normally have been able to have, and I have made loads of great friends. Blogging is the perfect hobby - I get to write about anything I like and I get to make friends with you lovely folk along the way.

5. Planning holidays.
This is my favourite thing to do. I love travelling and going on holiday, but I LOVE the planning element of it. Flicking through brochures, pricing up flights, planning day trips, saving up. Such fun!

6. Going to the cinema and watching movies. 
I love losing myself in a really good film. My ultimate girly movie that I watch when I'm alone is The Notebook. It makes me long for my own love story just like the movies.

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird" :)

7. Shopping.
I don't need to explain this one to you ladies do I :)

8. Singing/music.
Life without music is a very dull one indeed. I also love to sing, particularly in the car but I'm also partial to singing into a hairbrush.

9. Being silly. 
Life is too short to be serious and let things get you down. If something is making you unhappy, don't do it anymore. That's my new motto and it's so simple!

10. Pampering. 
I love nothing more than having some time on my own, painting my nails, sticking a face mask on and chilling out. If I'm feeling down or I've had a busy day a bubble bath is the perfect solution!


  1. Totally agree with you about the pampering, every sunday night I have a bubble bath, do my nails, face & hair mask, it's the best part of the week haha
    Great post girly!

  2. Oh how I love The Notebook, makes me long for romance like it! xx

  3. I agree with all of the above - just substitute Pugs with Chinchillas (not that I don't ADORE puggies but Chinnies always win with me - hands down :p)

  4. Your list made me smile :) Its nice to remind ourselves now and again what makes us happy and why. Its normally such simple things isnt it? I saw so many pugs in europe! Made me think of your wee cuties, haha was determined to steal one away without their owner noticing :( Dont think my cat would have been too happy though! xx

  5. What a fantastic motto! I am definitely going to use that one, I'm always having to do things that make me unhappy - not any more! thank you :)

  6. i'm with you on the pampering! if i've had a crap day my bf always wants to come round and give me a cuddle. but that's the last thing i want! a bath, a book and a cup of tea and i'll be a much more happy, cuddly person for being able to have the time to myself! x

  7. I looooove pugs and they make me happy too! I have a pug/chihuahua mix that everyone absolutely adores, and I love that they snort and snore like crazy! Gah, thinking about them this very instant is making beaming with joy! Thanks! :)

  8. I'm with you on pretty much all of them. I love pugs x

  9. Yay, someone else who loves planning! I am abit of a 'Monica' when it comes to organising(though I am insanely untidy!)

  10. I love your bit about blogging thats why ive started again with my new blog to make friends :)