My trip to Gibraltar - Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park


The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park has been open for 10 years and cares for a variety of species confiscated by Gibraltar customs and also unwanted exotic pets. They are a not-for-profit organisation operating on a small budget from the Gibraltar Government but this is not enough to cover the cost of improving the enclosures which is why donations are so important to them.

They ask for a £2 donation which is peanuts really considering all the good work they do. We headed there on our 2nd day and it's my 2nd trip to this wonderful place. It was a super hot day and we were a little tired after our uphill walk to get there but it was worth it. For a small donation you get to see the animals being cared for and nursed back to health, the staff are really friendly and genuinely seem to enjoy what they do (although it looks like hard work!) and you get to see little piglets running around = adorable!

(Click to enlarge)

They have everything from monkeys to piglets, tortoises, birds, bats, prairie dogs, and much more. The staff and volunteers work so hard at keeping the habitats clean and making sure the animals have plenty to do. The piglets were so, so cute. Enlarge the pic to have a better look. Go on, you know you want to!

Visiting places like this makes me realise how much I love animals and how jealous I am that others get to do such a rewarding job for a living.

Have you visited Gibraltar and been to this wildlife park? Do you do this kind of job for a living? Let me know all about it if you do!


  1. The piglets are adorable! Have you heard of teacup pigs? Google them. So cute!

    I've been to Gibraltar and loved it!

  2. @Eleanor - Yeah I have, they're so damn CUTE!! :D xx

  3. Look at the tortoises! I LOVE them! Looks like a fab place. x

  4. One word. Awwww!

  5. Look at the ickle wickle piggies!!! Awww so cute. Glad you enjoyed Victoria! x

  6. I love Zoo's and wildlife centres :) bit obsessed with watching all these animal programmes that are on tv on a sunday. Makes me wish I was super clever and could have studied to be a vet and moved out to another country and helped endangered species! :( Haha or perhaps just go work at a sloth sanctuary and enjoy the cute company :) auww! Glad you had a great hols missus, looks like you were super busy! xx

  7. Awww those piglets are so cute. I have never been to Bibraltar or its wildlife park and I dont work with animals but it is something I would definitely like to do as a job. What would be your dream job?? x

  8. @Amy - I'd love to work at an animal sanctuary that cares for rescued animals. I think it would be hard work but really rewarding.xx