Monday summary


I'm still in Gibraltar but I've got time to do a quick Monday summary before I need to jump in the shower to get ready for tonight. We've just come up from the pool and it's still roasting hot (almost too hot!) at 7pm!

Tomorrow is our last full day which I'm sad about, but we're going to get up early to do some shopping, buy some gifts, go for lunch, and then sunbathe for the whole afternoon. Then we might head into Spain for our tea.

My healthy eating isn't doing too well at the mo. I'm still craving lots of salads, fruit and water but along with it I want beer, pop and yummy deserts. I am on my holiday though after all :)

My 5 good things:

1) Getting a natural tan. You can't beat getting the real thing (sensibly of course) rather than the streaky orange colour that some fake tans go. I'm going to try and top mine up with some fakey stuff when we get back, because I was soo pale before I went away! I feel so much better with a tan.

2) Meeting my Sister's new rescue dogs, Snowy and Peanut. They're so cute!

3) Having a BBQ last night then heading out to play some bingo. I won £50! I was so excited when I only needed one more number, and I just knew it would come up!

4) Shopping plans tomorrow. I need to spend my bingo winnings! :) I've got my eye on a Buddha statue from this really cool shop that sells all sorts of little trinkets.

5) Getting to see Lily, Lola and Geri on Wednesday! I've missed their little faces.

Have a great evening! x


  1. yay for winning at bingo! i can't remember the last time i ever won anything so you must be really chuffed :-)

    enjoy the rest of your holiday! and have a safe journey back...

    sofia x

  2. i want to go back on holiday.
    & im sure lily, lola and geri have missed you too xx

  3. sounds great :) i am going to cyprus on the 20th, cant wait xx

  4. Sounds like your having an amazing time! Well done on the bingo win!