Weekend summary (& 5 good things)


With all the excitement of a day off work and holiday preparations I almost forgot it was Monday! Silly me. Today has involved a much needed trim (and a sad faced Victoria as I realised my fringe is nowhere near as grown out as I need it to be to do anything useful with it! Must persevere and grow it out), tidying the house from top to bottom, washing and drying everything we want to take on holiday, and this evening we need to pack it all. Plus before tomorrow night I need to give 3 dogs a bath, locate my passport, write a couple of blog posts and do last minute checks. I'm such a worrisome traveller!

I'm currently taking a break to write this and sipping on an ice-cold Green Monster. The spinach needed using up and it was looking a little odd but it tastes ok, I think!

The weekend flew by for me. It involved eating lots of yummy BBQ food, cheering on England (then crashing back down to reality after their RUBBISH performance), going shopping for new clothes and lots of sleep! The warm weather is welcome but boy it is so hard dressing for this weather don't you think?

Here are my 5 good things this week:

1) Of course number 1 has to be going abroad, somewhere hot and sunny, getting to see my Sister and her boyfriend (and their two new pooches) and generally having a good time!

2) I've had a couple of compliments lately saying I've lost weight and look much slimmer. Result! Recently I've been eating really well Monday to Friday (and not struggling. I've actually wanted to eat nice healthy things!) and on a weekend having treats, the odd takeaway, etc.

3) I had a money off coupon for my haircut, so the fact it looks pretty much the same as it did before doesn't feel quite so bad.

4) I'm feeling brave and have a maxi dress AND a maxi skirt for my holiday.They look fab, I just need more confident to wear new things.

5) After our holiday I have a few more days off work which is great because I've got loads I want to do - I want to finish de-weeding the garden and put some planters around the edge, paint the kitchen, go strawberry picking and perhaps go to Eden Camp. Love that place!

My suitcase won't pack itself! Speak to you soon :)


  1. You are looking lovely! I agree, it is so hard dressing for this weather.... even applying make-up is a no-go for me at the moment!
    It always seems like there is so much preparation for holidays but you will get there! x

  2. ooooooooooo where are your sunglasses from hun? They are gorge x

  3. @Glitter and Love - They're Dior, from House of Fraser :) xx

  4. Have a lovely holiday Victoria, put your feet up.
    Want a maxi dress too, you'll have to post some pics of yours!x

  5. You're looking gorgeous Victoria! Hope you have an amazing holiday! Looking forward to hearing about it when you return xx

  6. Well done on the healthy eating :) I've been doing that too, and allowing myself treats at the weekend - have also been told that I look slimmer!
    Have a lovely holiday! x

  7. Looking gorgeous as ever! Have an absolutely amazing holiday. I also need to weed my garden so maybe I will get my arse in gear and do that this weekend hehe. Well done with the race for life by the way, I have mine on Sunday 11th July xx

  8. You are an inspiration with all of your healthy eating! I really admire you. You are looking healthy and lovely! x

  9. I really love those sunglasses on you! Love going on trips, it's so fun having something great to look forward to :)

  10. Have a wonderful, wonderful time! You DO look so happy, healthy and gorgeous - jealous! :) x

  11. Love the pic!
    Bet you are super excited to see your sis!
    I did my first 5 good things today.
    Good luck with the packing!

  12. Oh my GOD I haven't been to Eden Camp for years! It's amazing! I love the Blitz room, and the fact you can buy the smells of the war! Oh the memories... have muchos fun! xxx


  13. Eden Camp!!!
    Wow, that brings back memories.
    I'm a yorkshire lass who has been now living in London for 5 and a half years, so thanks for reminding me that place still exists :-)
    I went on three school trips to Eden Camp, and I can still smell some of those shelters If I think about it.
    You should go visit the Yorkshire Mining Museum if that's still around too!

  14. oh mann, I love Eden Camp! I haven't been since I was a kid!!
    You look lovely, I'm loving the colour your hair is atm.