The things that make me run..


I am in no way, shape or form qualified to give advice on jogging but I thought it might be useful to share my tips for putting down the Hob Nobs and going out for some exercise. In the past couple of months I've gone from doing very little to exercising almost every day, and even though some days it's hard to drag myself outside I still do it because I know it will make me feel better.

I have been a member of a gym before and groaned every month when the £50 left my bank account and I had only been about 3 times in that month. I own numerous workout DVDs (the best without a doubt being the 30 Day Shred which I do before work on a morning, but the others collect dust on the bookshelf). And now I've started jogging in preperation for taking part in the Race for Life, which by the way is in 2 weeks time. Yikes!!!

So, what makes me want to get up off my big ol' bum? Here are a few things that help to inspire me and get me moving.

This post from Laura at Lollipop Loves. Click here for the full post. This really inspires me and makes me want to be as enthusiastic as Laura is. Number 7 is so true! Those little treats in moderation really aren't so bad when you've been out exercising.

The hilariously funny and amazing SkinnyRunner. Her blog is very inspiring and really makes me want to get outside and run. Plus her figure is amazing - her hard work really shows! She is refreshingly honest and down to earth which makes her blog an easy read. Plus she is a fellow Smart Car driver so I instantly like her!

The Skinny Website. Packed full of pictures of celebs with amazing figures. I look at the workout snaps for inspiration. My favourite celebs on there are Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry - they manage to look amazing whilst working out. (Jealous).

Being in the right frame of mind. If I go out jogging when I don't want to I get fed up and I don't put the effort in that I should. If I'm prepared and feeling positive then I do so much better.

Eating well. If I eat sensible, balanced meals not only do I feel better inside but it makes me want to exercise. Filling up on carbs makes me want to go to bed!

My boyfriend. He jogs with me, times me, and really pushes me to work harder and encourages me not to stop. When I go alone I never ever do as well. (Must work on that!)

Looking the part. Once I had invested in some proper running gear and a brand spanking new pair of trainers I felt more confident instantly. Hopefully I can fool some passers-by that I'm a pro! :)

Signing up for the Race for Life. Having a goal has helped me SO much! Knowing that I've raised £250 and I have to jog with so many other people has really pushed me to try harder. If you want to get fit, get involved with a really great cause, and do something fun with your friends then I recommend you sign up. I'm hoping next year I'll be able to do a 10k! Let's see how I get on with the 5k first ay :)

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  1. I agree about the importance of eating well. I don't run - I swim, but I really find my motivation when I'm looking after myself in terms of diet and getting enough sleep too. xx

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying running! I've been a long distance runner since I was 11 and although the constant pounding the streets training in bad weather doesn't sound too appealing, I still feel great after my training. Don't forget to eat a good amount of carbs (wholegrain), as they do provide you with the energy you will need :) I agree with you about proper trainers, they are essential! xx

  3. I really want to start running, is good to hear about people who actually enjoy it! Makes me more motivated to start! Congratulations on all the money you have raised, its an amazing amount!

  4. Loved this post missy! I've totally fallen off the running bandwagon since my boyfriend returned home and need to get back on it asap. You're an inspiration! xx

  5. I really enjoy jogging too, and I completed the 30 day Shred on Friday! It's a fab way to kick start a regular exercise regime.

  6. Omg thanks for featuring my post :) It's great to think I've inspired someone. Keep up the fantastic work sweetie!! xxx

  7. Great post! sounds like you are doing awesome with your fitness :o)

  8. Well done you with your jogging, and good luck for Race for life! I did an aerobathon last year for Yorkshire Cancer Research, I was in pain for days after! Just catching up on blogs, been at Pete's most of the week, was sorry to see about your parents cat. x

  9. hey victoria! Im pretty rubbish with exercise but I love to walk, i walk a couple of miles everyday and it instantly makes me feel so much better :) and I love fruit and veg and healthy eating althou i find it can be more expensive and its hard cos everything goes off or out of date so quickly.never have to worry about that with hob nobs :) great post!xo

  10. Ooooo you should definitely check out - I'm not a runner at all and I was finding it really hard to get back into training post injury (I'm training for a 10k in august - eeeek!) and her website is super inspiring :D

    Keep up the good work and good luck!

  11. You're doing so well with this - YOU'RE the inspiring one! I do wish I had your dedication, but running strikes fear into my very heart!

    You're gonna rock that Race For Life, I know it! xx

  12. Such a wonderful inspirational post! I have been so horribly lazy lately and this is just what I needed to get jump started! I too have cursed the monthly gym membership asking why o why did I ever sign up!? Thanks for sharing!

  13. A pug lover, a fellow smart car driver ( and lover no doubt!!) and a race for life runner ... We could be twins!! Well maybe not quite but keep up the fab advice ... You are a very inspiring writer xx

  14. I second that you read oh she glows. Her gren monsters have changed my life!!
    Another great onw is Healthy tipping point. The girl Caitlen is amazing and she has anoyher blog called operation beautiful , it is just so insperational.

    You should try joining a running group. I joined jogscotland it's like £2 a week but it has made my running so much better to the point I was out the house at 5.35am and ran 4.59miles (thank you walkjogrun)

    I hope your run goes well. Next thing you know you'll be running a marathon.

  15. @the crafty currant - Thanks SO much for your comment! Means a lot :) x

  16. Inspirational post there, love it! Thanks for introducing me to Lollipop Loves too, I'm doing Race for Life on Sunday eeekk, this year i haven't felt motivated at all, but this post and Laura's has just inspired me to get off my ass and jog on!


  17. really proud of you hun =) loved this post! definitely going to bookmark some of those links!

  18. This 30 day shred thing that everybody is talking about, which dvd exactly is that? Or is it maybe just one out there?

    I just want to make sure I get the right one :)


  19. I started running using the couch to 5k app on my iPod touch and it was all going rather well until I started getting pains in my ankles. So I bought some new asics trainers for my over pronation (which was the reason for the pains in my ankles) and carried on running. I still had really bad pains in my ankles, so my doctor referred me to a physiotherapist and she basically said that I'm not biametrically (sp?) built for running because I have such flat feet.
    She said I could get insoles, and she gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my arches in my feet, but basically running = fail.

    I'm so upset as well because I was really enjoying it and everyone seems to be getting into it at the moment. *sob*

    I think I'll get some insoles, but I don't want to push myself too hard! Your post has just made me realise how much I miss it as well. Keep up the good work though! xxx