Monday summary


Good evening. How are you? As the World Cup takes over our television once again I'm forced upstairs to catch up on reading blogs and writing blog posts. But I'm not complaining!

I have just been to the supermarket for Green Monster supplies and I'm heading out with the dogs soon for a little walk. I love warm evenings like these.. I am always so much happier in the Summer.

My 5 good things this week are:

1) I had a great time at Race for Life on Saturday (full blog post coming soon - promise!) There was a great atmosphere and it was a really fun day.

2) I have a Babooshka headband! I've wanted one for ages especially after seeing Lily in hers. I might take some piccies and put them on here unless I look like a bit of a loon!

3) I get to see my Sister soon (she lives abroad). It will be nice to have a catch up and meet her 2 new rescue dogs!

4) Big Brother's return. I mainly watch to see John James. Pervert? Me? Yep!

5) My Mum and Dad are coming over on Sunday for a belated Father's Day dinner. Now all we need to do is think up something tasty to cook! Ideas on a postcard please!


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  1. Ohh i cant wait to see you in your babooshka headband! i love mine, i wear it like all.the.time!

    Im loving bb at the moment! im a secret fan because everyone i know hates it!

    Im planning on doing race for life at some point too, be great to hear about your experiance doing it!

  2. ahhhh I love the Babooshka headbands- afraid I would look very silly in one though! :) Lovely post as always x x

  3. Lovely post! Summer makes me happy too! xo

  4. Hey, i love your blog :)
    you're really making me want to try out a Green Monster haha!
    and please put up a photo of you babooshka headband :) xx

  5. oooh yes you must post photos of your headband i just checked them out I loved the feathered headband and the studded one :) x

  6. aw i love the atmosphere in the air during summer :) that love picture made me smile! and a good ol' curry never fails to please :) <33

  7. Intrigued about seeing your babooshka headband! And so glad to hear the race for life went well :) looking forward to hearing more about it! xx

  8. Great post, I love these Monday posts you do.

  9. From a fellow World Cup Widow, I vote for Enchiladas, lovely fresh salad and some garlic bread...the smell that will greet your parents when they arrive will be YUM! or Chicken stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in of my personal bests lol (smells like heaven too) xx

  10. lovely post!
    and that last picture is so good!


  11. Can't wait to see your headband!
    Also, totally agree about Big Brother and John James yum! x

  12. ooh congrats on the race for life! i hope it went well xxx

  13. key-yoot blog!
    i love your banner. good show. :)