May giveaway - winner!


A HUGE congrats to Karla for winning my May giveaway. Please email me with your details. Well done!

Thanks to everyone else who entered! Keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway soon :)


  1. oh victoria im so sorry to hear about your family cat, i dunno how people could a hit an animal and not stop! I mean accidents happen, but stop and take responsibility. A few years ago my wee dog smartie was hit by car in the middle of the day, my brother was in the garden at the time so we got to her right away but the car didnt stop we rushed her to the vet but her spine was broken and we had to put her down. Hit and run of an animal should be made a bigger deal by the law. Its disgusting people can do this. xo

  2. @Vicki - thanks for your sweet comment honey. I totally agree; when it comes to hurting animals there's no justice ever done. It really saddens