Is how you wear it as important as what you wear? (I need your help!)


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The question I'm asking is; "is how you wear it as important as what you wear?" My answer is "yes!"

Exhibit A: Kate Moss

Let's break down what she is wearing. Essentially it's just a plain vest, plain jacket and some shorts with a black bag and black pumps. But throw in some dark Raybans, a rugged boyfriend and bags of confidence and you get a stylish outfit that I, as a mere mortal, could not recreate (plus I don't have the legs for it).

Exhibit B: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, Queen of the maxi dress, ignores the "you can't wear a maxi dress if you're short" rule. Whether it's a floral bandeau concealing a baby bump or a boho strappy number she looks fabulous and exudes confidence.

As Gok would say, it's all about the confidence. And it's so true! A little bit of confidence can pull off that tricky playsuit or those killer heels you've been hiding in your closet or even help with adding some accessories to a plain outfit to make it look fab-u-lous!

It's not about spending a fortune in Harvey Nichols to keep up with the trends. It's about wearing what suits YOU and your shape. I know people who shop religiously in Primark or only buy from charity shops, but they look amazing ALL the time. It's about knowing how to dress up or dress down an outfit with a couple of small changes. Do high waisted trousers make your bum look big? Don't wear them then! Find a style that disguises your bad bits and shows off your amazing bits. Knowing that you look a dress size smaller in an amazing outfit will give you bags of confidence, even if it only cost you £20 - including the shoes!

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  1. I agree completly with everything. It's about the confidence.

    I adore Nicole and her infamous maxi collection. She is literally as you said 'queen' of them!

    This is a really uplifting post :)x

  2. I def think its how confident you are. Not just celebs either, I see girls in the street that I'm attracted to straight away. They may not be looking amazing, but just how 'they are' really makes me want to be them really.
    Great post my lovely :)

  3. Lovely post Victoria! I liked it :) xxx

  4. @Alice - Thanks Alice! Sweet of you to say :) x

  5. i agree so much! i knowlots of people who spend fortunes at jack wills and a and f but they all end up looking the same with no individual style!


  6. Yep its right, its definately how you wear it, especially if somethings a bit unusual, you need confidence!

  7. Fab post, confidence makes or breaks a look!

  8. So true - Gok is totally wise!

    Great post. :) x

  9. hey my dear, if you dont mind me asking what next competition are you entering? the model comp? I just blogged about it on my blog :)

  10. @Vicki - Hi hun, no it's a different one. Basically I had to pick a topic and write a blog post around it, and then see how many people 'like' my post. Not sure what happens next but it was fun to do! xx