Her name was Lola. She was a... Pug!


 Lola is a very naughty Pug indeed.

She likes barking at animals on the telly (her favourites are horses and Felix the Cat).

She is very greedy and sometimes pinches her Sisters food.

She has a dirty habit of eating things she finds on her walk like cigarette ends and chewing gum!!

She loves to cuddle.

She likes to chase after Geri on the field, but refuses to chase after a ball or a stick.

She looks after Lily.

She snores.. louder than most humans.

She is very cute and we love her to bits. I hope you agree!


  1. Ahhh she's super sweet!

    I'll pinch her and she and my horsey William can be best friends hehe!



  2. Aww this is very cute.


    Fee x

  3. Aw I love her soo cute xx

  4. I love all dogs. Even the naughty ones (or more accurately the ones who haven't been quite so fortunate in their genes or upbringing).

    My dogs truly are my best friends.

    Love to Lola! And Lily and Geri and Georgia.

  5. the more i see photos of your pugs the more i want one!!! so so cute! x

  6. Aw Lola is so cute :) My dog has also been driving me crazy barking at animals on the tv today haha! xx

  7. aww she's so cute :) I love the way it looks like she's smiling :) x x x

  8. Lily and Lola are sooo cute =) x

  9. So cute! xx

  10. Ahaha my pug does almost all of that!
    He doesn't bark at all, but goes crazy when there's other animals on the TV. He also has a love of picking up random bits outside and chewing them.
    They're such odd dogs, but I love mine.

    Your pug is adorable! :)

  11. She really is a poser isn't she ;) Very adorable! :) x

  12. I love her, she is too cute. xXx

  13. hehe, she is very cute in deedy :)
    I bet you wouldnt have her any other way. At least she doesn't LOVE poo! One of my woofers loves the stuff, eats in it, rolls in it, sits in it- shes a vile girlie! haha

  14. Oh I love her so much! My friends pug barks at the TV too and it makes me laugh so hard. I love pugs :)

  15. Aww cute post! Lola is such a sweet dog.

    Did something similiar over on my blog about my pooch Holly, love writing about them.

    X x

  16. Victoria she is just adorable! i wish we didnt live in sep countries cos we could have a blogger/pug meet up!! pudding and wiggley are both so food obsessed we have to feed them in seperate rooms, many times they choke on their food trying to eat it so fast! its ridiculous! Pudding will eat anything inc a pepper that she took out of a shopping bag one day and i only realised after she'd eaten half of it!! seems all pugs are the same! lol :) xo

  17. Aww she's so cute :)

    I love how, when animals walk off the screen, dogs go looking behind it to find out where they went! Haha xx

  18. She is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! Want!

  19. nwaaah shes so cute! id absolutly love a pug!

  20. VERY CUTE!! Daisy does the eating chewing gum thing too, I dont know how to get her to stop! And she also loves to chase other dogs, or be chased by them but the only time I can get her to chase a toy is in the house, lol. Pugs, they are soooooooooooooo funny :o)