Eyeko: Coral Polish


This is one of the polishes sent to me by Eyeko and up until now I've had mainly good things to say. Unfortunately, the Coral Polish was a real disappointment. Normally I love bright corals and pinks but this shade is too much like tomato soup. The consistency is very thin so it's really tricky to achieve a neat finish. The positives are that it dries really quickly and is a lovely bright colour for Summer but you definitely need 2 coats to cover the white tips on your nails. And we all know what a lazy nail-painter I am! The picture below is just one coat.

Perhaps I'll give this one another shot when the sun reappears, maybe on my toes-ies :)

Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website.


  1. Its not coral=ly at all! What a shame x

  2. it does look rather red!
    I find the same thing with rimmel's coralicious - that looks really orangey/red. The rimmer Rose Libertine is a gorgeous coral though :)

  3. I think it looks quite nice actually !

  4. Its definately more of a red than a coral!

  5. @Daisy - Yeah it's not a horrible colour, it's just not coral enough for me. I love reddish nails but they don't suit me. x