Monday summary


This Bank Holiday weekend has been so so hectic. This afternoon involves drinking tea, catching up with the blogging world and letting my Mum do my washing - thanks Mum!

We finally moved! The whole shebang started on Saturday morning when my Mum and Dad came over with a big van and helped us to move all of our furniture and belongings into our new house. Several hours and lots of bruises and sore muscles later, Andrew and I began unpacking and making our new place look pretty. We were exhausted but thought instead of making the process last several days we would get as much done on Saturday evening as possible, with just one little break to watch Over the Rainbow.

Yesterday I had chance to see my Sister before she flew back to Gibralter (where she lives at the moment, due to her boyfriend's job relocating) and then we got back into the swing of unpacking a little more.

This morning we were up at 6.30am to go back to our old place to clean and paint ready to hand it back to the landlady. It is fair to say right now I am exhausted!

How has your weekend been? Probably much more relaxed than mine!

My 5 good things:

1) Obviously moving house is top of the list. Not only do we have much more room (an extra 2 bathrooms and an extra bedroom to be precise!) but we also have our own little garden now.

2) This week is a 3 day week at work for me because I have Friday booked off to go to London to see She & Him. The thought of seeing Zooey Deschanel in the flesh is a very exciting one!

3) The bf and I have got our 2 weeks off in June/July sorted. We are going to have a little holiday in the UK and take the dogs with us, then we're having a week in Gibralter/Spain to visit my Sister and see some sights! Oh and a little sunbathing for good measure. This year is a fairly quiet year for holidays as we're saving to go to Florida again next year! Hooray.

4) I kinda felt a little bit like the blogging world was getting me down last week; it felt like a real effort to post things and to get involved and the negativity on Twitter kept rearing its ugly head. But, with the help of a Monday summary (cheaper than therapy!) I feel like I have found my bloggy identity again and all is well with the world.

5) My hair is getting so damn long! Oh and I'm growing my fringe out with the help of twisty french plait type things at the front. Hooray for getting past the awkward stage!

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  1. Oh yay for your five good things! Glad the move went well - bet Lily & Lola are loving the garden!!

    I absolutely adore your blog and I'm glad none of the Twitter nonsense has stopped you doing it!!


  2. Will you be taking piccies of your new home when you've made it look all pretty? x

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better. :)
    And congrats on the move, I know how exhausting and stressful it is so treat yourself to a cool beer! hehe

    X x

    p.s I've moved!!

  4. Sooo excited to see photies of the new place once you're properly settled. Really jeal, trying to organise me and the boy getting our own place at the minute and wish we could get it together like you. Enjoy She & Him, I've no doubt at all that you will! xx

  5. Great post :) Hope the move went well! xx

  6. i love your monday summaries - great idea! you shouldn't let the twitter rubbish get you down...your blog is amazing and i really enjoy reading it! :) xxx

  7. Negativity on Twitter? Bah! I don't believe in such things. Block and delete, think no more of it!

    Glad you see you back and posting again. Your new home sounds fabulous - do you have THREE bathrooms now?! One for each of the dogs?! ;) xxx

  8. @Jen - I do! But then people email me and ask why I blocked them! lol. xx

  9. congrats on the move gorgeous x

  10. I love your Monday summaries! Hope you're having a nice relaxed night after all your hard work x

  11. Awww lovely post, congrats on the house move, moving house is so stressful and tiring isn't it! I found it more stressful than getting married hehe! xx

  12. love the photo of the shoeboxes with a photo tag of the shoe inside. what a great idea!

    and congratulations on moving house :)


  13. I have "issue" days with my blog too - sometimes I get close to hitting the delete button and thinking why am I even writing one. Mainly happens when my inspiration totally vanishes.

    Hope you have a lovely week x

  14. Congrats on your new home & hope you have a fab time in London x

  15. Glad you've found your blogging mojo again! Keep going with it - I like reading your updates. x

  16. i love your monday summaries :)
    yay for a three day week - i hope you enjoy !!

    if you get a moment, please enter my giveaway ;)

  17. So glad that the move went smoothly! I want to see photos of the new place! We're really feeling like we need more space so need to start looking around :) xx