May giveaway


My April giveaway was a success and lots of you lovely ladies entered so I'm back again with a May giveaway. The lovely Race for Life people sent me a white vest top designed by Mel Slade which is one of their new celeb designed tops that you can buy from the online store. As I type, Mel's vest has sold out so this is a great chance to get your hands on one!

The vest is 100% cotton and has a lovely floral pattern down one side. It's very girly and feminine. The top I have got to giveaway is a size Small.

As always the rules are simple:

- You must be a follower of my blog
- You must be involved or have been involved in a Race for Life event. This could mean you have taken part in a race before or like me you're taking part this year for the first time. It could mean you're jogging with a friend to help them train. It could mean you have sponsored someone taking part in Race for Life, or even as simple as you're going to watch and support someone taking part.

Simply leave a comment before midnight on the last day of May telling me how you're involved in Race for Life or how you have been involved in the past.

Good luck! xx


  1. I've been pusing my friend to eat more healthily for the race. Shes walking it so we've had little walks to random places (pubs) have a drink then take the long way home! ;) Dispite this, were finding the walking easier and easier as were practicing the walking more.
    Good luck for your race!

  2. My best friend is doing the race for life this year and ive sponsered her and trained with her, I would do it too but im on holiday :( Enter me please! XO

  3. i haven't been involved but my friend had done it before and she would practice running for it everyday, she really wanted to be prepared. instead of taking the bus or driving she would try to run to the destination instead :) x

  4. Enter me please! I am a follower of course! I participated in race for life when I was a lot younger. This year I am simply going to cheer on my cousin as she runs. I hope to participate again next year, it's such a good cause! x

  5. I've taken part before (I was REALLY bad at it) and have also helped a friend who did it. Two years ago in Mexico I also did one except it wasn't for Race for Life it was in support of a local charity. It was really, really tiresome because we ran all over this town. It was really fun and exciting because it's a yearly event (I'm not able to make it every year) and the whole town is out with water bottles to give to the runners and to cheer them on. I loved it :)

  6. Enter me please! I did race for life last year after someone I knew who was like a grandad to me died and I'm doing it again this year as my grandma found out she had breast cancer last year (thankfully she's recovered)!
    Good luck with your event! :-)

  7. enter me please. I'm running the 10k race for life in edinburgh in just over five weeks (eeeek)
    At the moment I'm doing 5 mile interval runs. I'm a bit of a lone shark however as no-one wants to do it with me so i've taken up runnin all on my own.
    I've only just signed up so need to crack the whip with the fundraising but I'm hoping that the thought of seing a novice run a 10k will spur people on to give me a few quid.

    Think I might start blogging again now I have my camera fixed but might change it to a training blog.. hmmmm

  8. Please enter me! I've done Race for Life three times in the past (once in 2007 and twice in 2008) but am not doing this year because I'll be overseas for the summer :)

  9. Please enter me. I'm a follower and have sponsored a friend in Race for Life.

  10. Enter me please, I did Race for Life last year x

  11. The main reason I did the race for life last year was because my dad lost his mum to cancer, so I've never met my nan. It's also because apart from fashion, I'm an avid scientist and aim to work alongside Cancer Research in the future :)

    Lovely blog! xo

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  13. Enter me please

    I did the race for life 2 years ago and I am taking part this year in 2 weeks.

    I am doing it as my dad has prostrate cancer and I think its a great thing to do and its such a fun girly day.

    I love that top btw xx