In & Out



1 more day of work then I head down to London for She & Him, sightseeing and hopefully lots of eating and drinking! I'm actually going to see Zooey Deschanel in real life! I'm so excited.

New house obviously! Having more space is great. I can now escape from the boyfriend when he's driving me nuts! ;)

We're getting all of our bond back from our previous apartment which means we can get a new washing machine and book our flights to Gibraltar! (If you'd told me 10 years ago that getting a new washing machine would make me happy I wouldn't have believed you).

Raising almost £200 for Cancer Research! Go me!


Feeling a bit pale and pasty. Time to crack open some fake tan me thinks!

Having lots of extra rooms to clean!

Eating out way too much because we don't have anything in the house. Must stop putting off food shopping!

Having a very long wish list of makeup and clothes that I would like. I blame you beauty bloggers!

And some pretty pictures? Why not! Courtesy of as always


  1. Ohhh have a great tine at She & Him - I am jealous!!

  2. my makeup and clothes wish list is ridiculous at the moment! have a lovely time in London xx

  3. Enjoy London! I hope you'll have a big picture filled post for us =)

  4. that raspberry cake "thing" is so cute!

    and congrats on the new digs! i can't wait to move out so i can decorate :).


  5. Oh gosh my mom asked me if I was feeling sick yesterday...I had to let her know I was fine, it was just the colour of my skin. Oh well I have to find some fake tanning products asap!

    I also blame the beauty community for my $$$$ going to makeup!

  6. YAY for She & Him! I bet you are insanely excited!

    Lovely pics too, and well done on the sponsorship money! x

  7. Hello! I love the girl's face drawing. Can I just ask who is your "guy crush"? His face is familiar, but I can't figure out who he is!!

  8. @ Lucie - Its Joseph Gordon Levitt :) Fitty! x

  9. Well done for raising so much!

  10. Well done for raising so much!

  11. He he thanks, I did a bit of resarch and found out before... I think I actually recognized him from A river runs through it!!!! He's become gorgeous! x

  12. Cute nails! Great job raising money for a good cause!

  13. Well done darling on what you raised!! x

  14. I have just added bee nails onto my wish list ;)

    and well done on the money raised !!

  15. i'm jealous you're going to see she & him! the tickets sold out before i could arrange going down. booo