Eyeko goodies - review 3: Nude Polish


Reviews 1 and 2 can be found here and here.

The next polish to be put to the test is the Nude Polish. I liked the colour after the first coat, but I didn't get enough coverage so I had to apply another coat which made the colour less nude.

I do however love the price of the Eyeko polishes and the formula of this one is very similar to Vintage and Lilac; quite thin, 2 coats needed, and a medium drying time. 

If this polish only needed one coat it would be a real winner!

Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website.


  1. this is such a pretty color! & i adore the packaging :) xx

  2. I've made a recent NOTD post with Nude Polish.
    I find they take aaaages to completely dry and they can be peeled off the nail so easily (I should really find something else to do when bored at work lol). xx

  3. It is a lovely colour! I am yet to try Eyeko products, I keep hearing a lot about them!

  4. I have this color and love it :)

  5. Love the colour, have never tried Eyeko products before but everyones reviews are tempting me!