Echo Falls competition: Have you got the sparkle?


Keep on reading to find out how to enter an exciting competition for females over 25 years old in Britain. I wanted to share this with my readers as it's a really fab competition and I know lots of you have got the sparkle :)

Echo Falls are offering Britain's girl next door a once in a lifetime chance to be the star of their very own advert and viewed by almost 30 million people throughout the Summer.

To celebrate the launch of the new light and bubbly Pinot Grigio Spritz, Echo Falls are looking for a star to really sparkle on screen. The ads will be aired ahead of Come Dine With Me, the show that celebrates Britain's best and worst dinner party hosts, throughout June, July and August.

All female hopefuls aged 25 and over can put themselves forward as the perfect mix of sweetness and light, sparkle, fizz and freshness, to be in with a chance of getting top marks from the judges at Echo Falls.

To enter, visit, fill in the details, and then enter a few words as to why you believe you have got the sparkle. Finalists will be invited to London for a final casting and the winner will attend a full day shoot and feature in the Echo Falls adverts aired before the Come Dine With Me shows live on Channel 4 during June, July and August.

I really want to enter! :)


  1. Wow! I won't be applying though - I'm saving my TV Debut for Come Dine With Me itself :) xxxx

  2. I think you should enter!! Sounds like a lot of fun! :D


  3. Do it! Enter!

    Thanks for sharing this with your followers - I was disappointed at first, as I'm not 25 until October - but when I thought about it, the idea of being seen on the telly by 30 million people is probably my worst nightmare!
    Great opportunity for somebody though :)

  4. Tha sparkle caught my attention....but I'm with heartshapedbruise, the thought of 30 million people makes me feel quite ill. x

  5. I entered, but the thought of being seen by that many people on telly fills me with dread!!