Thanks again Eyeko!


This is just a super quick update inbetween packing boxes and preparing to move house tomorrow to say thank you to Eyeko for sending me another lot of goodies! I have got another 3 Graffiti Eyeliner Pens and 3 Nail Polishes to try out and as soon as I'm settled in and can locate my cosmetics I will be back to my usual reviewing self!

I got a black Graffiti Eyeliner pen in my first parcel so I have got 4 colours to play around with now. I'm excited to try out the Coral Polish - it's so bright! And Posh Polish looks like a great colour for work!

Eyeko goodies - review 4: Purple Polish


This is the final polish I received in my Eyeko parcel (although they have since sent me another surprise parcel - woohoo!) It's a lovely dark purple with a similar consistency to the other polishes I received which you can see here, here and here.

This is a colour that I would only wear for nights out because I tend to prefer paler colours for work and weekends. Using a darker colour means having to be more careful with the application but when it's dark it's not so important :)

I think it's a lovely vampy colour which would look nice for an evening do.

Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website.

Boots Smooth Skin by iPulse - Introduction


I mentioned in a previous post that I received an exciting product to try out and here it is! It's the Boots Smooth Skin by iPulse which is a permanent hair reduction home kit which is suitable for the face and body, and I'm really pleased to have been chosen as one of the lucky bloggers to test this out. I naturally have dark hair and the hair on my legs and arms is dark so the thought of permanent hair reduction is just super! I also have freakishly quick growing hair so if I shave my legs on a morning then by the evening the hair has started to grow back. It is tres annoying as you can imagine!

So, here are some pictures of the product itself which comes in a beautiful carry case, perfect for storing it away when it isn't being used.

I can't wait to give this a go and I plan to update you all regularly on the results. I will be as honest as possible - after all this retails for £324.99 so it's not a cheap buy! But if it gives good results then it's definitely a solid investment. The thought of no more waxing, plucking or shaving is very exciting!

How does it work?
The Boots Smooth Skin system works by directing an extremely short, intense pulse of filtered light into the skin. The light is absorbed by the coloured pigments in and surrounding the hair and disables the hair follicle, helping to prevent hair re-growth.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Recent pictures I heart


All found at

Monday summary

Apologies for being quiet on the blogging front towards the end of last week. I was busy with work and the joys of payday and I was still recovering from my cold/cough/feeling pants, so I didn't find much time for blogging or anything much really.

I am feeling a lot better but I still have a pesky cough - grr.

We spent all weekend packing boxes, painting walls, polyfiller-ing holes, and stuffing our faces with an assortment of takeaways. I learnt that a) I'm not very good at DIY and b) I'm a fat pig.

My 5 good things:

1) This time next week we will have moved into our new home and hopefully most things will be unpacked and organised. Thank God it's a Bank Holiday weekend which means an extra day to unpack!

2) Who else watches Lost? It's coming to an end! I have followed it for years and I'm ready for some answers God dammit!


3) Our She & Him tickets have arrived - yay! And the boyfriend has something nice planned for the day after in London which is a surprise.. (I hate surprises).

4) I got a surprise parcel containing some lovely goodies today and a package from Aussie at the weekend. I feel spoilt at the moment!! Expect lots of reviews and photos soon!

5) My Sister is coming home from Gibralter for a few days! A shopping partner at last :)

Race for Life - update!


As today was the day of the London Marathon I thought it would be a good opportunity to update you on my jogging training! Apart from the past week where I have been too poorly to exercise properly, it's going well! I feel fitter and stronger and I'm working on my main weaknesses which are my breathing technique and a dodgy ankle.

I'm doing a 'Couch to 5k' type programme instead of just going hell for leather and I'm hoping it is slowly building up my stamina. I cope better with a proper structured routine and I find it much easier jogging with my boyfriend who doesn't let me stop when I get tired because, let's face it, I get tired after about a minute! If you google 'Couch to 5k' lots of links come up so if you're looking for a way to introduce yourself to running then I would really recommend something like that.

I recently got some new running trainers because my old ones were nearly as old as me! They were doing nothing to support me and these Nike babies were a bargain. Plus I can't resist anything pink. Talking of pink, this is a Race for Life t shirt which was kindly sent to me and I occasionally wear it out jogging so people know why I'm doing it.

I have set up a fundraising page so that my friends and family can donate online which means the money goes directly to Cancer Research UK. If you would like to donate (which would be amazingly fab of you) then the link is here. As I said the money goes directly to Cancer Research UK and doesn't fall into my hands at all.

If you're taking part in a Race for Life event this Summer let me know which one! And if you see me at the Leeds one puffing and panting then say hi! :) Actually no don't.. that will be embarrassing! :)

Eyeko goodies - review 3: Nude Polish

Reviews 1 and 2 can be found here and here.

The next polish to be put to the test is the Nude Polish. I liked the colour after the first coat, but I didn't get enough coverage so I had to apply another coat which made the colour less nude.

I do however love the price of the Eyeko polishes and the formula of this one is very similar to Vintage and Lilac; quite thin, 2 coats needed, and a medium drying time. 

If this polish only needed one coat it would be a real winner!

Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website.

Pugs not Drugs


When I stumbled across this "Pugs not Drugs" tote bag a while ago featuring the cutest hand drawn Pug ever I knew it had to be mine. As you know I have 2 Pugs, Lily and Lola. It's also a favourite saying of mine - hell, it's even my band name on Guitar Hero! I found this beauty over at Gemma Correll's shop and if you haven't paid the shop a visit yet then do!

A few people tweeted me about it shortly after payday so I caved and bought it. It arrived speedily and I wasn't disappointed. I love it! It's perfect for chucking all my bits and bobs into and the quality is superb!

My boyfriend was a total fail on camera duty. This is me halfway through throwing a strop because it took him forever to press the damn button.

Years ago the brand Sweet n Sour brought out a purple t shirt with the same slogan on which I've tried to track down ever since. Seriously, if you own this t shirt or see one on Ebay inform me immediately! I will pay good money for it! They have just brought out a cropped version and so many of my lovely subscribers have txted me, tweeted me or commented about this - it makes me happy that you think of me when you see anything Pug related!

Pug power!

Eyeko goodies - review 2: Vintage Polish


If you missed review 1 you can read it here.

Eyeko kindly sent me some products to try, and review 2 will be on the Vintage Polish - the colour I was most excited about trying. It's a beautiful, girly colour - perhaps a little too bright for me to wear for work but beautiful nonetheless and definitely a fab colour for a sunny day.

I found it quite tricky to get the right amount of polish on the brush. I only have teeny nails and I either had way too much polish or not enough. Once I got to grips with the consistency I was fine.

Two coats did the trick and gave me good coverage. I would have liked it to dry a little quicker - I'm a very impatient nail painter and I like my nails to dry at top speed! I used some Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff over the top to speed things up.

 Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website.

Next: Home

When I popped into Next: Home for a browse a couple of weeks ago I unearthed a whole host of goodies that I wanted to grace my new home. I had my eye on these tea, coffee and sugar pots and was going to go back for them on payday but my boyfriend surprised me with them last week. They are so cute!

I have decided to go for bright pops of colour in the new kitchen so these red, orange and yellow pots are perfect. They were £8 each and are available on the website and in store too.

To finish off the set I'm going to get the bread bin, and oh what the heck, maybe the cookie jar too!

Monday summary


I'm poorly and feeling sorry for myself. I can't breathe through my nose or hear properly. It's raining outside. My Mum & Dad's holiday has been cancelled due to volcanic ash. But I'm determined to think up 5 good things, even though I feel poop and I want to hide under my duvet. This week's list may be a little on the dodgy side. Normal service will resume next week.

1) Losing my taste buds means I'm not bothered about snacking because there's no point. Calories saved for a rainy day! :)

2) I got sent my most exciting item to review to date, and I'm really excited about sharing it with you.

3) I get paid on Friday!

4) My new job is so busy it makes the time fly! By the time I get in, make a brew and crack on with my work it's lunchtime! I much prefer being busy than sat twiddling my thumbs.

5) Cups of tea. Tea is the only thing that can wake me up, make me feel human and relax me all in one :)

Since I started writing this blog post I've lost my voice and I ache from head to toe. Bedtime perhaps?


I love weekends


I love the weekend, especially when the sun is shining! Yesterday the weather in Leeds was glorious and it's fair to say I was loving it. It was just me and the Pugs yesterday, although they're not much company when they sleep half of the time! So while they snoozed and snored I:

drank lots of tea and made a start on a packet of biscuits:

 painted my nails:

read the new Company mag:

and listened to music; mainly these 3 albums:

When Lily and Lola could open their eyes for long enough we took a nice long walk in the sunshine and they ran and played (until Lily got a little too warm so we headed home).

I often get a few photos like this before I manage to get a clear shot. Lily is just like her Mommy and loves nail polish!

I finished the evening with pizza and some Saturday night telly action. Over The Rainbow, Britain's Got Talent, and Doctor Who. I have never been a fan until a couple of weeks ago. Funny that...

Guest review: My Mum's take on No 7's Lift & Luminate Day Cream


"Having run out of my usual face cream, I found myself in Boots searching for a suitable alternative. After much deliberation, I bought a tub of No. 7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream, SPF 15, £19.50 for 50ml, because it was being marketed as new and I could pay with points, even better. I thought this would be a stopgap until I could track down the face cream I had been buying on ebay (I mentioned the face cream that my Mum likes in this post), but I have been pleasantly surprised.

Lift & Luminate has a lovely creamy consistency, which goes on easily. It sinks in but doesn't go dry and makeup just glides on over it. I'm not sure how much it lifts, but it certainly luminates. I think now that I have found this I will stick with it for the time being. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is on the lookout for a face cream for a slightly more mature skin".

Thanks Mum! x

Tag: Likes/love/hates


I have borrowed this tag from Little Blog of Horrors (one of my favourites). The idea is to share 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates and tag 3 people.

I like sweets and biscuits.

I like animals especially mine :)

I like going on holiday to hot, sunny places.

I like Zooey Deschanel. Everything about her is perfect in every way.

I like food. Eating it more than cooking it.

I like watching movies of any kind especially at the cinema when it's almost empty and there are no distractions.

I like it when the sun shines.

I like sleeping.

I like shopping for clothes and accessories.

I like big sunglasses, the more expensive the better!

I like payday.

I like Christmas.

I love my life. I have 3 beautiful dogs, a lovely family, a kind boyfriend and good health!

I hate cruelty to animals.

I hate bullies, whether they're bullying verbally, physically, mentally or anonymously over the internet; it's not on!

I hate rudeness.

I hate having to wake up early.

I hate the few days before payday when I have no money!

I hate whole cooked tomatoes - yuck!

I hate Mondays.

I hate talking on the radio.

I tag:

Avene - Skin Recovery Cream


I was sent this moisturiser, Avene Skin Recovery Cream, for reviewing purposes and as you can see from the photo I have used a considerable amount of this product so I'm ready and raring to share my findings with you! 

This product is for sensitive, intolerant and allergy prone skin and if any of those descriptions match your skin type then I really recommend that you check out the range. 

What do they say?

Rich in Avene thermal spring water, new Rich Skin Recovery Cream quickly calms the skin, relieving it from tightness and discomfort. It helps restore the skin's hydrolipidic film, leaving the skin moisturised and nourished, thanks to its very gentle ingredients.

It is paraben, fragrance and colouring-agent free.

Having suffered from sensitive and problem skin over the past couple of months this couldn't have popped through my letterbox at a better time. It's a little bit rich for use on a morning in my opinion but it's perfect for using before bed after removing makeup. I found that if I had any redness or sensitivity on my face on an evening then using this cream would help to alleviate that and reduce the majority of the redness by morning.

I liked the richness of the cream and that it left my face feeling really moisturised and plump.

This product can be purchased at Boots, Garden Pharmacy, John Bell and Croyden and leading independent pharmacies.

Monday summary (on a Tuesday)


I hope you all had a good weekend. I spent the majority of my weekend sofa browsing, eating, cleaning, and looking after a poorly Pug. I hope your weekend was considerably better!

Yesterday the Monday summary didn't happen due to us thinking our Internet was broken but alas today it seems fine so keep your fingers crossed! It was quite nice having a night off from the World Wide Web - we went to see Shutter Island at the cinema which is a bloody good film - go see it! I want to watch it again!

This week's 5 good things: 

1) 5 weeks into my new job I was offered the chance to move positions and work in Human Resources! Of course I jumped at the chance because I've always fancied working in HR and my first week was really, really busy and my brain is now crammed with new and interesting information!

2) The weather. How fab is it being able to sit outside and feel the warm sun on your face! 

3) 2 weeks on Saturday we move into our lovely new home and I can't wait! I'm not looking forward to moving out of our current place and having to make sure everything is spotless but it will be worth it once we're settled in at the new place.

4) We are seeing She & Him perform live next month and spending the following day in London and I'm so excited! I can't wait to see Miss Zooey D in real life!

5) I'm still jogging and trying to exercise every day - and I have raised almost £100 for Cancer Research so far (I'm doing the Race for Life in June if you didn't know!)

Eyeko goodies - review 1: Lilac Polish


Eyeko kindly sent me some goodies to test out and first up is my review of the Lilac polish which I road tested yesterday. I must say, I love Eyeko products. They're so fun and reasonably priced!

The first coat of this polish came out a little paler than I thought it would which I was actually pleased with because I was expecting the colour to be quite 'chalky' looking. A second coat gave enough coverage and I was very pleased with the final look and the pretty colour. 

It's surprisingly a really wearable colour and has a lovely shiny finish. I'll definitely be sporting this colour on my nails over the Summer.

Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website.

Echo Falls competition: Have you got the sparkle?

Keep on reading to find out how to enter an exciting competition for females over 25 years old in Britain. I wanted to share this with my readers as it's a really fab competition and I know lots of you have got the sparkle :)

Echo Falls are offering Britain's girl next door a once in a lifetime chance to be the star of their very own advert and viewed by almost 30 million people throughout the Summer.

To celebrate the launch of the new light and bubbly Pinot Grigio Spritz, Echo Falls are looking for a star to really sparkle on screen. The ads will be aired ahead of Come Dine With Me, the show that celebrates Britain's best and worst dinner party hosts, throughout June, July and August.

All female hopefuls aged 25 and over can put themselves forward as the perfect mix of sweetness and light, sparkle, fizz and freshness, to be in with a chance of getting top marks from the judges at Echo Falls.

To enter, visit, fill in the details, and then enter a few words as to why you believe you have got the sparkle. Finalists will be invited to London for a final casting and the winner will attend a full day shoot and feature in the Echo Falls adverts aired before the Come Dine With Me shows live on Channel 4 during June, July and August.

I really want to enter! :)

Celeb inspiration: too skinny or just right?


I find it really encouraging looking at pretty celebs and their fab bodies to keep me on the right track when it comes to exercise and eating. However, I think it's really important to be careful not to look up to the wrong kind of person. For example, I love Nicole Richie but I know for a fact I will never be as slim as her. She is about 5 inches shorter than me for a start and we're just not built the same. Plus I love to eat!

As I was browsing The Daily Mail's website last week I came across these photos of Abbey Clancy prancing around in the sea and I thought "wow". What do you think - too skinny or nice n slim? Her flat stomach is certainly very enviable but again, I'm not sure this is the right role model for me.

Then today I spotted some photos of Kim Kardashian who is a beautiful lady with curves in all the right places. She was spotted out and about with her sister trying out some crazy looking pogo shoes. Now I don't think I will be sporting a pair of these shoes any time soon but I officially want her body (hair.. face.. style.. etc etc). She looks slim and toned but still kinda 'normal' - if that makes sense!

Thanks Kim - you are going to inspire a few workouts from me this week!

Who inspires you when you need a kick up the butt?

Photos from The Daily Mail website