OPI Alice in Wonderland - Thanks So Muchness! (Cheshire Cat ring & general Alice in Wonderland ramblings)


As I mentioned in my contest goodies post I received the OPI Alice in Wonderland set and I couldn't wait to try out the colours. The colour "Thanks So Muchness!" caught my eye on Friday so I decided to try that one first. Plus this polish has such a cute name! Are all OPI polishes such good quality? I was amazed at how easily the colour covered my nails and I only needed one coat. This is the first OPI polish I have used and I'm very impressed. My nails took no time at all to dry and I managed a couple of days before chips appeared (I did lots of cleaning so this didn't surprise me. I really should invest in some washing up gloves!)

Where do you guys buy your OPI polishes from? Let me know in the comments box if you can! Also recommend some nice colours if you like. Thank you muchly :)

Also, my Cheshire Cat ring arrived and I love love it! It's a little big for my fingers but it just about stays on the middle finger which is super. 

Look at his little face - isn't he cute?

I went to see the movie in 3D on Monday night and I really enjoyed it. I loved Johnny Depp (but then again I always do!) and I know a few people didn't like Alice but I thought she played the part really well.

Unfortunately we couldn't concentrate on the first 15 minutes because some people in front had sat in the VIP seats even though they didn't have a VIP ticket, so when some late people came in with VIP tickets they had nowhere to sit. So the staff spent 10-15 minutes rearranging people and moving the people who weren't supposed to be there. One guy even had the cheek to kick off and ask for a refund! He obviously didn't see the 50 million signs saying that those seats are only for people who have booked them specially. Anyway, we mentioned it to the manager on the way out and she refunded our tickets and our pick n mix and drink! Result!

Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what did you think?


  1. Love the nail polish! I enjoyed the film but not as much as I thought I would, I think my expectations were too high though!

  2. I rectently brought some OPI and found that the brighter colours only need 1 coat, superb! I got mine from http://stores.ebay.com/enchantedbeautyspot

    Lovely post as always


  3. I saw it Thursday night, and I loved the film. I wish I had seen it as a normal film though, for some reason I couldnt get on with the 3D thing and i couldnt concentrate properly!

    I thought it was just me, but when I spoke to my friends when we came out they thought the same! hehe.

    Great film though, I love Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway!

  4. I really liked the movie, Johnny Depp stole the show - but he always does :)

    I love OPI polishes, they make up a good 90% of my collection they are such good consistency and the colour range is amazing.

    I buy mine from http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/Enchanted-Beauty-Spot

    Formally known as Jolie Beauty Store. They ship from the US but that's why they cost £3.00 a bottle rather than the £8.00 they charge over here.
    I first heard of that store from Laura (lollipop26) as far as I'm aware she's never had any issues. I never have :)

    Well done for saying something and getting reimbursed for your tickets and food, I would have done too. Jammy gits trying to blag VIP seats lol. xx

  5. I love OPI! Def go with the enchanted beauty store, the bottles are so cheap that way!! Love the chesire cat ring too with his wicked grin :)

  6. No have not seen it yet but I do wanna, even though the reviews are not great.

    I get my OPI from the same place as Miss Lipton, and and have never had any problems. Took just over a week to get here. xx

  7. Loved the film - I was fortunate enough to see it at the IMAX in Bradford! It was well worth the few extra quid in my opinion, although we were evacuated halfway through due to a fire alarm. Fortunately,it was a false alarm and normal service resumed shortly after!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on Mad As A Hatter polish when you try it...any tips on how to get it to last longer than a few hours would be greatly appreciated! xx

  8. I get mine from Enchanted Beauty Spot too! I wouldn't buy more than 4 polishes a go though to minimise the risk of customs charges!
    I bought 6 last time and was terrified that I'd get a huge charge, but luckily I didn't!
    I would have liked the film to be more Tim Burton-y but obviously since Disney own the rights he could only take it so far!

  9. i'm getting my AAW opi set tomorrow :D, i ordered mine from asos.com, they do alot of colours on there (:,X

  10. I have that colour on my toes at the moment, its sooo pretty. You've made me crave pick n mix now. mmmmmmm x

  11. Ohh I love it :) I have mad as a hatter though have only used it on my toes! I'm hoping to get the others for my birthday :)

  12. I saw AIW in 3D yesterday and thought it was beautiful - the costumes, sets and makeup were so fantastical and eerily magical, just how I would imagine Alice's world to look!

  13. I just posted about this nail polish too! I really love it and I'm so impressed with OPI nail polishes. I watched the film in 3d a week ago, but I wasn't as impressed as I was with Avatar. It was still good though, I thought the cast was great :) xx

  14. i liked the film :)

    asos have a few opi colours and i think they're getting the full range this month :)

    and also there's www.lenawhite.co.uk :)



  15. I love that ring, it gorgeous, I keep eyeing up AiW things- but i've not bought anything yet.
    I loved the film & the Hatter def made the movie for me

  16. Annoying about the mess-around with the seats but great that you got a refund!

    I really enjoyed Alice. I've heard mixed reviews but I thought it was really good!

    I love OPI although only have a couple of colours- mod about you (baby pink) and done out in deco (pale lilac). Adore them both x

  17. I STILL haven't seen this... must go this week. LOVE the Cheshire Cat ring - he's my favourite character, although he does freak me out a little bit! :) x

  18. i still haven't seen it, but i will, and i'm looking forward to it! the nailpolish looks great - such a nice colour, and i love the ring!

  19. What a quirky little ring! :) Well done on all your competition winning missy. I enjoyed alice but I feel like something was missing... it could have went on a little bit longer. I will probs buy it on dvd when it comes out, I do feel like watching it a second time. High five for all the british actors in it :) xx

  20. Love the ring! It's gorgeous and yes OPI quality is usually very good. Our bottles cost around $19AU a pop so i may have to check out these links ;) Huge array of colours, I love WAY too many :) Loved AiW! Great post xx

  21. I finally got to see the film on friday and I reeeeally loved it. I think that because it hasn't been received that well I was just expecting nothing so I was really pleasantly surprised. I thought it was great!
    LOVE that ring! Xx

  22. I really like your blog =)

  23. i saw the movie last night in 3d it was wonderful

  24. Th nail varnish looks lovely and that ring is just fab! Such a shame people just do not seem to take notice about certain things. But what a lovely bonus that you got a refund!

    I have seen the film and I loved it !

  25. oh i love the cheshire cat ring, where did you find him?!
    and OPI nail polishes always seem to be great quality, I'm really tempted by this set!

    I saw the film a week ago, and was really disappointed, maybe my expectations were too high, but it was a shame as i'd been looking forward to it for so long.

  26. I still haven't seen the film! I think I'm going to wait until it comes out on DVD now.

  27. I am chuffed that you like the polishes I sent you :) This colour looks lovely xx