Monday summary (5 good things & weight loss challenge update)


This picture is so beautiful - don't you think?

The weekend always goes so quick; my time has been spent looking at houses to rent, walking the dogs, eating lots, sleeping, and catching up on reading blogs and watching videos!

Just a quick weight loss challenge update - as you know I lost a few pounds the other week due to stress and loss of appetite. I knew it wouldn't last and alas half way through last week my appetite came back and a sore throat meant I didn't feel well enough to jog or work out so I've put the few pounds back on! Oh dear. 

I want to be able to eat (within reason) whatever I like and the only way to be able to do that and not feel like a big ol' whale is to exercise. I'm going to keep going with my jogging in preperation for Race for Life - I'm not great at it but it is getting better. I might also join the gym next to work at some point.

The challenge this week is to say why we are taking part and what we have achieved. I took part because I really believe that having a support network is important. I have achieved an increased interest in exercise which I am going to continue to work on.

My 5 good things:

1) The sun made an appearance at the weekend. I had forgotten how it feels to have sunshine on my skin (even if it was a little cold). We took the dogs for a walk along the canal and had a drive round Leeds at potential new houses. I want to live here please:

2) Finding bargains on Ebay. Usually the things that I like go for crazy prices but every now and again there are some bargains to be had - and it's really worth seeing if the seller will accept a Buy it Now price for an instant purchase!

3) Pricing up holidays.This always makes me happy :)

4) Looking forward to payday and having an extra £50 free because I don't have to worry about getting my roots done! :) What to spend it on.......... well, a trim for one! I desperately need one. I also have my eye on a few new threads for work.

5) Reaching 850 readers! Thanks everyone. I hope you all still enjoy my silly ramblings. I have got lots of reviews to type up and some photos to share this week. I also really want to start filming videos again but it's just a case of finding the time!

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  1. The sunshine had made an apperence where I am as well and it's put me in such a good mood :) and that little house is so cute and perfect looking! xo

  2. get well soon ! we had sunshine in france too, that's nice :p

  3. I had a bad case of the Mondays today but the sun helped a little! It's so nice walking from shade into the sun, you can instantly feel the warm! It's great that you're doing Race for Life :) Good luck with the jogging!

  4. 850 readers is fantastic, well done! x

  5. That house is so cute! Its like a dreamlike little cottage in the middle of the woods from a fairy tale. Good luck with the house hunting!

  6. The sun has been gorgeous this weekend, hasn't it? Much chillier today up north though, but that's fine by me when I'm stuck in work. Well done on the positivity about your weight, I was so concerned about you when you said you'd lost so much so I'm glad you're feeling more like your normal self at least xxx

  7. Oh my god that house is so pretty! haha Lovely post :)

  8. that house is so adorable, very quant :)

  9. I love reading your positive posts.

  10. I love bargains on eBay. I recently bought some Essie nail polishes from there, and you can hardly even get them in Newfoundland where I live. Love ebay :)

  11. I love that house! Wouldn't it just be amazing to live there?! Wonderful.

    I'm also already planning how to spend my pay cheque. Bad times!

  12. I would quite like to live in that house too!