WLC - week 7


I have been a bit reluctant to post a weight update this week. I have lost a huge amount of weight since my last weigh-in and it has been due to stress. I start my new job tomorrow and nerves have really got to me, so my eating has been very up and down. My last weight was 69.6kg and I am now 67.8kg - a loss of 1.8kg which is almost 4lbs! I'm pretty sure I will gain some of it back next week.

This week's challenge is to share how you deal with cravings and how do you control yourself. Well, for me it depends. If I reeeally want something then I will have it but I try to be sensible and just have a little of it. If I want something but I know that it won't make me happy and will just end up making me feel really full and bloated then I keep busy until the feeling passes. I will get a big drink of squash or a cup of tea, or sometimes an apple or something. It has been a long time since I've had an all out feast on junk - these days I try to have treats in moderation. I also try to concentrate on the feeling of losing a couple of pounds and feeling amazing and I know that eating rubbish all day every day isn't going to help with that. Also if I have exercised that day then I may have a bigger tea than usual or pudding.

Katy Perry: figure envy!!


  1. I used to struggle with cravings, but now that I'm working out again, I don't worry about that stuff. I figure if I'm eating the same as before, but now adding exercise, everything should be ok.

    Also, I've been noticing how awesome Katie Perry's body is, & I am def jealous!

  2. congratulations on the weight loss and good luck on your new job lady! They'll love you, I'm sure of it!

    Not sure if you'd seen but theres a surprise that might make you feel a bit better over on my most recent post :) x

  3. Good luck with the new job =]

  4. You're running on nervous energy! Hope it all goes well tomorrow. Well done on the weight loss - you're doing great!

  5. Oh dear :( I hope you feel better soon missy. Stress is never a good thing for your mind, and your body too! I agree with Jen, sounds like youre doing great with the weight loss challenge :) Good luck with your new job tomorow, hope it goes great xx

  6. many ways to lose weight... enjoy the success whatever the reason and keep going!

    g'luck with the new job!!!

  7. Katy Perry = total stunner!
    Good luck with the new job & the weight loss plan



  8. Ahh bless you hun! I saw on your Twitter yesterday that you've lost even more than this. I hope that your first day at the new job has shown that you had no reason to feel nervous and that you're back on track with some less alarming weight loss. Katy Perry is a hottie, fo sho. x

  9. Kill the cravings with a good, low carb protein drink, it will help your workouts too....I did and lost 50 lbs!

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